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December 07, 2005



Bill's going to "bring horror" to those who disagree ... he's a GOD WARRIOR!


Bill's fake war on christmas is basically a way to distract people from the reality of how terribly this POTUS is f****** up Iraq, the economy and everything else he touches. It's basically the Right's preferred method of dealing with things that don't go their way- by going, "oh, but wait, look over there, did you see that?" Or by doing the Fox News favorite- running 24/7 coverage of a missing white woman, to the exclusion of any stories unflattering to the GOP (but running all the stories unflattering to the Dems).


All Things Beautiful TrackBack 'The Declaration of War On Chrismas'

"If you would like to read a grown up liberal point of view, I suggest you go over to my friend Joe @ The Heretik instead, who is not only a prolific writer but has a good sense of humor, and whilst he may have a different point of view (well he is a heretik), often has compelling arguments as opposed to ad hominem rhetoric sound bites."

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