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December 03, 2005



If Bush goes, I would be you that Cheney could take the title even with only 2 years to fuck things up. Just sayin' ...


Yeah. Kelso concurs. You'd need the 3-horse entry of Harding, Coolidge and Hoover to get close. They fucked up the economy way worse and law-enforcement and blue-noses had greater control (see Volstead Act for details) but Kelso dinnae think as many killed and maimed for no reason.

Most underrated presidents: Gerald Ford (look at those Supreme Court nominees and that policy of social justice -- no lie, Alexander Cockburn has proved this to a fare-the-well) and George Bush, the father. Panama was bad as was Iraq I, but he did the heavy lifting on the economy that set it up for Clinton to have such a successful presidency.

Other than Arthur, Buchanan, the Current Monkey, Hayes, A. Johnson, McKinley, and Taft, the US has been pretty good about picking presidents. Gee whiz, next to George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan was (1) bright (2) liberal (3) a dignified and qualified holder of the office and Nixon was crazy but very intelligent and creative.

Fair enough, Kelso will go along with The Heretik. For one administration, W's has been the worst by far. Jefferson and FDR probably the best.

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