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December 14, 2005



I feel like Alice in Wonderland sometimes. That we even have to HAVE this debate is incredible to me. It seems obvious that using tactics that violate international law and which we condemn when utilized by our enemy, is assinine and dangerous. But logic has never been the neocons strong suit and everything is justified in the name of Empire. Keeping America safer? No. In fact, probably the opposite as giving the ok to torture prisoners will be like waving a red flag in front of a bull- in effect, we will be giving radical Islam exactly what it wants- a recruiting tool.

And what about the men and women who will return one day from war? How do they go from acting less than human (if they are required to torture under any new (or old) US policies) to reading their child a bedtime story? If our govt truly cared about our troops they wouldnt put them in this moral limbo and while they might claim it will only be the CIA and private contractors who can now use "enhanced interrogation techniques" every military commander that I have seen speak against torture has said that it will become part of the culture and the military will be implicated as well as the lines become blurred in the confusion of war.


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