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December 11, 2005




Lance Mannion

Lately, I've been liking this guy an awful lot.

Lefty Louise

Do you have a nominee, B'freude? I think The Heretik is off crying somewhere, maybe about New Orleans

Night Bird

Can I nominate more than one?

Lefty Louise

Ha, Mannion, that guy you talk about is not liked very much by this guy.

You can nominate as many as you like. And you can come up with categories too. Whatevs.


Without thinking, I would nominate Majikthise, or maybe FafBlog. I like the ones that inspire me, not always the ones that inform ...

comandante agi

Jeff G from Protein Wisdom calls The Heretik unintelligible? What? Protein Wisdom is probably the most unintelligible blog I've ever seen. I can't make heads or tails of it...

Night Bird

I nominate The Fat Lady Sings for her posts "It was the Best of Times, It was the worst of Times"

comandante agi

Who let the dog out?

MIssouri Mule

Louise, darlin', may I have a scotch neat, please?
Let's see....I would nominate Earl Bockengild's Radio Weblog, It's Morning Somewhere,The Culture Ghost, Shakes Sis and Fire Dog Lake.
Oh, could you make that a double dear?

Kenneth Quinnell

How about Shakespeare's Sister. That whole Big Brass Alliance thing was a pretty big deal. Plus she has the best comment threads, which are inspired by some of the best posting.

The Greek Knight and Bark Bark Woof Woof are good nominees as well.

Lefty Louise

Bien sur, Mule, if that is not too French. And speaking of the Scots, not the scotch . . . .


Now that I've thought (after a drink and dinner) it IS ShakesSis.


By the Gods, Ken Quinnell and I agree on something! :-)

But I would also have loved to see Tas of Loaded Mouth get in the awards. He's not Shakespeare but he is vastly entertaining and nails it more often than any blogger I know. I also love reading the immensely clever Fester - there's nowhere better for the hard figures on economics or troop recruitment woes.

Regards, Cernig


Mule ... what sort of scotch? Single malt? Dalwhinnie?


O Heretik, I always click right through to you!

In fact, I'll nominate the bloggers who are categorized as "Everyday Reads" in my blogreader:
Agitprop (save the donuts!), Bats Left Throws Right, Ezra Klein, Factesque, The Heretik (no I'm not kissing any fanny, it really is there!), Lance Mannion, Pandagon, and Shakespeare's Sister.*

I put all the bloggers who tickle my fancy and funnybone in the blogreader, though. I have a list of faves a mile long!

*Reality Blurred is also an everyday read because I have this all-too-public addiction to reality television. I should probably take something for that. Maybe a margarita, Louise?


Folks, I hate to break in on the hug-fest but it could be that some Kossack bloggers have discovered the story of the decade. Ken Anderson at the UnCapitalist Journal has the links and the goods to some work coming out of DailyKos today.

If you were a totally crooked neo-con former CIA financier Republican who hangs with the corrupt Delay-Abramoff crowd, what would be the most unethical, diabolical way to funnel SO much money to the Republican Party and neo-con schemes that you could take back the government from the Democrats?


With your corrupt Republican buddies, form a slew of your own brand-new Defense Companies, submit bids on things the Pentagon never even asked for to the Delay/Cunningham network and Bingo!--those contributions to the GOP and K Street will flow in like never before. You can then even give to Presidential candidates like George W. Neo-Con.

Then you and your criminal gang take over the United States of America with your ill-gotten gains. Once in power, you can use your connections to weasel your way iuto intelligence agency contracts so you can help said Neo-Cons cook up a case for the Iraq War by a phony analysis of some aluminum tubes. The War on Terra is on!

The allegation is that the Duke Cunningham scandal is just the tip of the iceberg and that Wilkes Corporation and others were just fronts, designed to funnel taxpayers money, via GOP sponsored and "earmarked" DoD contracts to those fronts and thus to campaign contributions to the GOP. The amount being talked about is a total of $700 million over several years.

Check it out!

Regards, C


Thanks Pepper ... we take your serious reading seriously and will try to attempt to live up to the daily snark you expect. Dammit.


Thank YOU, blogenfreude. GASP, Cernig! You mean they get more corrupt??

I really am going to need a drink after this. I'm going to make myself a bloody pitcher of margaritas!


Bloody pitcher of bloodies if you ask me ...


Michelle Maklin. I especially love her commenters.


Trying to pick the best blog for me is like trying to pick the best beer. I look too many to single out one. Sometimes I am in the mood for a dark beer, other times a light beer, sometimes I like a black&tan, and other times I like microbrews. Just way too hard.

On another note, for those that may care World War 3 will start in March 2006
unless our current world leadership tones down their rhetoric.

To what end these crazy people are pushing for I have no idea. But "it seems like total destructions the only solution, there ain't no use, no body can stop them now..."


Good evening kids. I'm in a sweet mood and drinking Porto for the holdiays. Sandeman would be just fine Louise.

Pick the best blogger? I can't even pick a meal off a Chinese menu. Too many choices and you're all too good to pick only one.

I do have a tasty link though and if you don't already know about it, open Pandora's music box and choose your own Muse. I've been playing with it all night. Of course I am easily amused.


My fave has been and probably always will be The Agitator. Before Radley, didn't even know what a blog was. So have always had a special place for his blog in my heart. Even when I disagree with him.

MIssouri Mule

blogenfreude, Pinch. Cheers!

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