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December 12, 2005


Craig R.

Bravo for them.

These are the kind of people I was proud to call mine own when I was still a Roman Catholic.

Again. Bravo.

And G/d's blessing.


Thanks for printing that. It's incredible.

This administration, which has the audacity to claim the bible and the flag as its inspiration (ie. justification) and play-acts such hypocritical piety- what will they say and do to the men and women praying to jesus in front of the gates? Will they turn back these Christian men?

The mainstream media needs to cover this. After all, it is they who spread the propaganda about all of us being a bunch of traiterous, anti-American, terror-supporters. Will they do the same to these people who believe its part of their faith to condemn such acts by the government? Or will they just refuse to cover this lest it muddy the waters and make it more difficult to spread the same, tired propaganda?

I love how the Right picks and chooses what it sees as the Christian way of living- it always seems conveniently similar to their political, capitalist agenda- no helping the poor or the meek, no turning the other cheek or showing mercy. Just shameless greed and violence.

These catholic priests and nuns are showing bush what real faith is.


Wow. How beautiful and inspiring. It's good to be reminded of the positive side of faith.


Sorry to sound defeatist, but Guantanamo is our Rock of Gibralter in the War on Terror (patent pending). We will torture people there until long after Rumsfeld dies old, rich, and comfortable in his bed.

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