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December 13, 2005



It's good to see this case is making the rounds. Hopefully those that can do something about this will take notice and fix it.

Lawrence Krubner

I was alarmed by a post on 12-22 in which Angelica of BattlePanda lamented the fading interest that the blogosphere was showing in the Cory Maye story. I wrote to her and asked what might be done to keep attention on the story. She had several ideas, one of which included:

"[How about] a button that people can stick on their sidebars to say something like "I blogged to free Cory Maye" which, when clicked, take them to the website? One of the frustrating things about blogs is people forget a story as soon as it is off the front page. Always having that little reminder on the front page that Cory maye is still on death row would go a long way to keep the story alive."

My friend Laura Denyes, a talented graphic designer, donated some of her time to come up with some buttons that might be used in this fashion. We hope people will look them over and choose one they like. We provide the HTML they will need to make the images appear on their weblogs. We will be hosting the images ourselves, and whatever bandwidth issues arise, we will consider part of our donation to this cause. Please consider adding one of these buttons to your own sidebar. You can see them here:

Walker Willingham

There is now a petition up for people express their dismay at Maye's sentencing, and their insistence on his unconditional pardon by the governor of Mississippi. Heretik, would you be willing to promote a link to the top of your blog or sidebar? Thanks to any and all for signing.

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