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December 16, 2005


The Heretik

Even the comments work.

Shakespeare's Sister

Who's bartending? I'll have a Ruby Red.


Beethoven's birthday and I could not even get a picture up. Heretik ... please post it, if you can. But at least we got something good from it ... a new site. Typepad Refugees. We are in pain.


Comments, images and links? It's just as I remembered, only even more beautiful. When they return our personal effects, I'll be willing to move on for the sake of the children.

Link of my day: I got schooled on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly aspects of the big torture two-step arranged by Team BushCo and Hugger McCain's PR teams. After reading those three posts, all the corporate mediea's glory hallelujahs over the big compromise sounds even worse.
Links via Thomas.


Waa. I want my picture of the German headline "Die Hiltons" back!

Until then, I'm happy to admonish my students for not being creative in their cheating.


I'll just have a short brandy please. I'm sick and out of the loop. The only thing I've read is Spuds and the refugees. Typepad is crashing? Strange days have found us.

The Heretik

The Refugees are coming. And they will kick ass.


Ah, Typepad. I believe one of my blog incarnations was with that (you wouldn't know for looking at the archives but it's really 1.5 years old). The current version is my fifth, actually (though #4 & #5 look almost the same).

I've been sucked into a couple religious debates with some goofy fundies, so I think I'll take an Atheist's Best to drink this evening.

And my Koufax list looks something like a love affair with three sites: this one, Shakes, and the Dark Wraith. :-)

Shakespeare's Sister

Shakes loves you right back, M. ;-)


Oh, here's a link: interesting QoTD.

The Heretik

Thank you, Mistress Misty.

comandante agi

Greetings fellow Refugees...

You see you don't have to live like a refugee
Now baby you don't have to live like a refugee

Well, I just returned from having a couple drinks with the Reverend. We both concured that Typepad is highly inadequate, especially for a pay-for-service blog company.

comandante agi

Oh, by the way, Babs says "Hello"...

Craig R.

The Spridellis family at Jib-Jab have Done It Again

I have to drive, so I'll just sit here and help pass out the ration of lampshades.

The Heretik

Somebody explain to Dave Johnson what Typepad hell is. I don't think he could have visited a single Typepad site today. *sob*


Unlike Blogenfreude, I don't have to pretend I'm British :-)

Maybe that's why my take on the NSA spying on home ground is so....French...???

Regards, C

Pam's House Blend

We love the Refugees at the Blend. We posted in support - The 'TypePad blows' open thread!


My blogging partner posted one of one of the saddest..most maddening..posts I've seen in a while.

I'm working to have an update on the story involving the alleged rape victim in Oregon who was convicted of filing a false police report. Look for it at the front end of next week.

Shakespeare's Sister

Ugh, that's a heartbreaker, Carla.


So,I ended up in bad traffic after picking the almost 4yr old up from school. I turn on the radio to find a traffic report and it's tuned to Air America, the Randy Rhodes show. I go to change the station and he gets upset - apparently he loves Randy now. We get to hear a clip of Byrd's speach on the floor - that probably inspired some republicans to help sustain a filibuster. Then we get to Trader Joe's, get our stuff and go through the line. When the cashier asks him how he's doing he tells her he's really happy, when she asks him why he says, "because that old bird man saved us from those damn republican'ts today" - when you don't think your kids are learning from you - they really are. . .


In what turned out to be a week of frustration for me, the Typepad blowout was a mere blip. I'd like a strong drink if you're pouring. This time I promise not to mistake the napkin for sushi.

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