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December 02, 2005


Craig McDonough

Hey, you! Sittin' there scratching between the ears of that three-headed critter!

You see everybody that comes through the underground to the Big River S.

How the Hell did the U.S. Congress survive for a decade without a a "Christmas tree?" They were stuck with a "holiday tree" until Hastert saved 'em all... (see my post here...)


Labbat please. Ya, I know, I live so far north I might as well be a Canadian.

This is why we are where we are...

Night Bird

Guess there is no tango for those boys of Chaminade. 2 down...


My suggested slogan is for McCain, the 2008 candidate I fear and loathe the most already. It comes from Fafblog: Who Among Us Wouldn't Torture John McCain?


Republicans Staying The Course

The Heretik

McCain and Unable.


Well there's my slogan is for the outgoing George - simply call him "The Prezi-didn't".

Hey, if I put one of these on my blogger Xmas wish list what do you think the chances are?

Regards, Cernig

PS Thanks for the link further up-thread, H. If the Kurds are saying "my country right or wrong" and meaning chunks of Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey then the Prezi-didn'ts grand Stratergy is already up the Swanee.


Hope I'm not too late. Just some hot tea for little ol' ascetic me.

S's Sis: I'm with you on McCain. With all the grumbling about Democrats, where the hell was Senator McCain all through the 2004 election? Right by Bush's side. Okay, he didn't have to leave his party, but where does he get off acting like some kind of major critic ot this administration?

Gilliani only looked good on 9/11 because of the appalling lack of leadership from Washington. Truth here, Americans did fine that day, without leadership. To me the greatest tragedy of 9/11 was the way the admirable response of the majority of Americans, horrified but calm, rattled but looking for strength from one another, no red states no blue states, only Americans, everyone a New Yorker that day, and most people ready to take a hard look at why this had happened, was quickly dissipated before it had a chance to coalesce when the press decided we needed a leader and started reifying Bush’s every move as evidence of greatness. Joan Didion did a superb piece at NYRB examining that period; it’s here, though might not be for free. (If anyone is interested, drop me an email, I'll send you a copy of the copy I have on my hard drive.

A link that can be had for the price of a click - my blogmate, MJS, has a superb rant he just posted that leaves no current horror unskewered.

The Heretik

That is quite the rant from MJS, Leah. You always get good comments, and commenters. I got this from Alt Hippo on Walmart Liberals. Blood Pressure alert to Shakespeare's Sister.

Shakespeare's Sister

My favorite picture of McCain.


When Giuliani was mayor of NYC, something like 27 civil liberties lawsuits were filed against him. He lost all of them. That was then.


I'm not saying I'd vote for McCain, his show boating (MLB) is almost as annoying as Clintons jockeying (NARL). But at least he put forth the anti-torture legislation. I think allot of people outside the beltway took notice of Bush's "we do not torture, but we torture" shtick. That was all McCain.

Mimus Pauly

"Fatal Horse-Sex Case," Shakes' Sis? That's a phrase I don't want to hear every day.

I need a Guinness, please...

The Heretik

RJ Eskow, our friend and blogger everywhere on Walmart and "liberals"

The Heretik

McCain is right on torture, but way too far to the right than most people realize. He is the fourth most conservative senator in the Senate.

Shakespeare's Sister

And he's a turd.


I am listening to OPB and the city club is into a q&a with General Walker - head of the US acountability office. He had some great points - then he said that it is neccesary for people to bare more of the burden of their health care. I just felt I should note that I have over $13,000 in medical bills that I am waiting to have disapear from my credit report. I haven't seen a doctor in 3 years - the last time I had pneumonia - it cost me $786 out of pocket between ER and meds. I use fuc&*^& plant medicine to help me manage pain because I cannot afford to see a doctor or get prescriptions. Fuck you mr walker


I think that as Wal-Mart starts realy putting it's suppliers out of business they will either have to change or face more public scrutiny. They push for their suppliers to push down prices annualy. For example, Bryer's icecream, they are bringing the price of it down to the point that it will have to be produced at a loss or stop using the quality of ingredients that they do. I have now seen 3 other stores that have had to lower the price of Bryer's to compete with WM so that Bryer's can't make up the losses fom WM. Vlasic pickles are running into the same phenomonon. Some of the crap they sell at WM is truly disgusting, they do not use sustainable business practices. They may last for quite some time to be sure but they are going to burn themselves out and unfortunately take a lot of their suppliers with them.


Why is it that when I post a comment at Lefty's it always seems to end up being the last one?


My way-to-early-to-really-be picking pick for 08' is is looking something like Feingold/Edwards/Richardson anyways.

The Heretik

Oy, Fred, Richardson and baseball draft a small detail?

media girl

I left the tab with Jean-Claude open for a while, and every time I came by it I had to stop and just watch for a few more seconds. Too funny! That gif is right up there with the penguins.

The Heretik

Jean Claude Van Damme it, that little video weirds me out, Media Girl. The penguins also march to an um different drummer.

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