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December 02, 2005



Make mine a vodka tonic (I'll drink it here) and am order of Lincoln Group propaganda to go.

comandante agi

I prefer the Renden group. More BANG for your buck if you know what I mean.

The Heretik

B'freude, Count of Canal Street, you know the Lincoln Group too well.

media girl

Madman for America -- He's crazy enough to be sane.


Hnnn ... he said "Bang" hnnh, hnnh.


Yes, my Heretik ... alas, I do. And according to a report on NPR tonight, the contracts and dollars spent go far, far beyond The Lincoln Group. We're looking at a propaganda ministry that would have made Goebbels shout: "ENOUGH already!"

The Heretik

Good one on the Madman and princes, Media Girl. What about Rudy Giuliani Prince of the Shitty? How many New Yorkers would vote for that kid?


I am a New Yorker and I wouldn't vote for Ghouliani for coroner. If we vote for that ...

The Heretik

Ghouliani? Was he at the Village Halloween Parade?


Nope - betcha' he was in DC shilling his 'Gruppen' ( ) to the firms with Iraq contracts ... Rudy is going to keep us safe from them 'terrists' this time! And make a killing of his own!

The Heretik

Oops. Big oops from Cernig A large Kurd problem in the Iraqi custard.


And what about Jeanine Pirro? Insisting on Tilting at the Hillary Windmill Since Late 2005!


How about Gropenator picking a new Chief of Staff?


Das Gropenfuhrer is still Governator? Didn't they Gray-Davis him yet?


Yah, sadly. Here is my link, a subset of the full 583 pics that i took while on vacation.


Speaking of Lincoln (not the propaganda group, the civil war prez), go over to David Horowitz' hateful website,, where he has a quote from honest abe about how members of congress who take actions that lower troop morale during wartime should be arrested and even hanged and guess whose picture he has put above the quote? Ted Kennedy and John Kerry.

I did a little blurb on this over on my blog:

For a while I had a correspondence with David about how he was a hypocrit and takes everything to an illogical extreme- he was constantly accusing the left of being hateful bigots, all the while being a....well...hateful bigot himself. He didn't get it.

I stopped responding to him via email when I realized he was one of those people, like Rush limbaugh and ann coulter, who makes a tremendous amount of money and gets a lot of attention by appealing to uninformed, close-minded people of the type who thought back in the 80's that gun registration was a bad idea because when the Ruskies invaded the US they (the ruskies) would get the list of gun owners and something with that list. They are also the people who currently dont see the difference between radical muslims and regular peaceful muslims and that radical islam is a tiny percentage of the latter. They are also the people who think that saddam was responsible for 9/11.

In other words, there was no point in engaging him further.


And have a lovely weekend


I dont get the whole Rudy Guliani for President thing. Ok, he did a good job as MAYOR of NY after 9/11, but wasnt that his job? Why does that make him qualified to be President? So the GOP can invoke 9/11 every two minutes instead of every five?

The evangelical right would never go for it? He's progay and pro abortion rights.


and Giuliani didn't do such a good job here after 9/11 ... his so-called toughness was situation-induced. much like the Dear Leader, it was difficult for him NOT to look good by saying tough things. not that he didn't see people diving out of the towers, but we all did. I smelled the towers burning, and the plasticky smell uptown that night. I was never close to danger, and neither was Rudy. I haven't played a 9/11 card, but Rudy has ...

The Heretik

Giuliani before September Eleventh was scheduled for retirement. Does anybody rememeber Bernie Kerik? And Louima? And Diallo?

Night Bird

Good Evening All...may I have one of these spiced wines and I hope the 4 CPT workers are released soon.


I do remember all the scandals Giuliani was embroiled in- his mistress hanging out at the mayor's mansion, his exwife talking dirt about him to the media, etc. It seemed like his political life was over.

There's nothing like a good tragedy for the GOP, huh?


Kerik had not one, not two, but all three of the problems that politicians have - a goumade, graft, AND a nanny problem. Oh to see him fall after the Dear Leader put him forward.


Ooh, look! A new federal agency! But this one'll be so secret even those nasty FOIA users won't learn what it's doing!

Gimme some botulism willya? But don't say where you got it from!

The Heretik

John Hall said to say hello to the Nightbird. There will be no singing Seventies songs this year at one prom

Shakespeare's Sister

Good evening, all! Now no horsing around tonight, kids.

McCain's the candidate I love to hate, and my campaign slogan for him, referencing his real one, is Straight Talk (out both sides of my mouth).

An amaretto on the rocks, as per usual, please, Lefty.

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