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December 15, 2005


Neil Shakespeare

It apparently doesn't even matter to point out the absurdity to them. They just stick with the absurdity and the reporters finally throw their hands in the air and give up.

The Heretik

We know Bush Junior has some um Oedipal problems with his Daddy, or as the Gaelic might say, his Da. But the way these guys go full bore with the boring absurdity, perhaps we are seeing the rise of the Dada presidency. Nothing means anything or is it nada means dada?


Wasn't Scotty supposed to be ongoing out the door by now?

Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker

"...a question that was asked about Congressman DeLay, about Leader DeLay..."

I'm sorry, "Leader DeLay?"

Er, um, Scotty? Just saying it doesn't make it so.

Neil Shakespeare

Yeah, "The Dada Presidency" is a good description, H. There was a poll recently in Britain on the most influential piece of modern art and Duchamp's "Urinal" was number one (pardon the pun). Appropriate. If the height of modern art is a toilet, then the height of modern politics could certainly be symbolized by a head in a toilet.


Now, now, we wouldn't want Dumb Dumb to incriminate himself, would we?

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