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December 02, 2005


Lab Kat

We here in Texas believe in sharing the madness.


You know, this just makes me sick. It wasn't enough that the GOP stole the election in 2000 via the SCOTUS and probably stole in 2004 via Diebold but they had to gain control of the House via dirty tricks. His redistricting plan never got enough coverage in the mainstream media other than demonizing the texas democrats, many of whom were black, for high-tailing it out of texas to try to stop the plan from taking effect.

The only way these guys can win is by cheating, plain and simple.

And I posted an update on my blog about a guardian article that said when our token attorney general, Gonzales was confronted with the information in the leaked memo, he basically shrugged it off and blamed it on the senate and house???? I'm not sure how that works since every damn civil rights attorney in the Justice Department said it violated the law so if the AG had really put pressure on delay it never would have gone through and the fact that they hid the memo tells us something, doesnt it.

And who leaked the memo? A disgruntled DOJ employee. Apparently, there are a lot of those these days. Time for Bush to clean house like he did at the CIA and hire some incompetent yes-men.

Craig McDonough

The Department of Justice has responded -- The A.G. claims the "court upheld" (even though the court never saw the Justice department memeo) and a spokecritter for DOJ says, essentiasly "We don't play no stinking politics here!"

See Here for more...

(yes, I'm shameless)

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