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December 08, 2005



We're living longer. I attribute it to the red wine. Pour me a Shiraz, Louise!

The Heretik

Sure thing,Pod, I mean Pard, I mean Todd.


Oreilly is such a tool. He cannot seriously believe what he says can he? Do you think he is just a shock jock now?

My theory is that someone(s) came to him when he was embattled with his sexual harassment loofa and said "we'll make this go away but you have to shill for us big time unappologetically."

Speaking of enemies...I made some more enemies by saying LIEberman sided with the enemny


Evening Louise, and g'day to you too Heretik.

The extremists at the Heritage Foundation have found their own King Chaim to run their Judenrat - Burt Prelutsky says that its the liberal Jews who are stealing Christmas and that he should know because he's a Jew. Next he will be making a list and checking it twice before handing it to his masters.

Regards, C


Hello, hello people! If it's not one things it's another, eh? First I'm sick then I have "blog issues" then some fundie tries to engage me in a debate. I thought the poor thing was going to stroke out--and I was perfectly nice. Honest.

And, brrrr, it snowed here. So something warm for me. Irish coffee, please! I'll be reading the links tonight as I have none to give.

Lefty Louise

Oy. Libations for all. Irish Coffee? Coming in hot.


vodka, tonic, and beddy-bye

Lefty Louise

I will need a very large glass if you think I am putting the bed in their with the vodka and tonic. Bye.


Another of Hot Tub Tom's rats bails the ship.

I'm off for a warm bath and a hot tea.

George Bush

So my fellow Americans, John Kerry asked who will be the last to die for a lie. Well I can now say I know. Who ever came up with this Fireside Chat bullshit.
Now where's that little fucker Barney?


But I came up with that bull um stuff.


I've been awfully amused with that Nitpicker fellow and the horror he's had to endure because he proclaimed himself a feminist in Kansas.


Gods I am so very goch but this is an incredible story of Mississipi Justice. . .

The Heretik

Some words are more loaded than others, Roxanne, waiting for some to load up with and shoot themselves in the ass with. My daughter and her friends say bitch all the time. I find notes on something she wants to keep for herself that tell me and my son, "Leave this alone, bitches." Or, "Not yours, bitches." Language in its denotation, connotation, and context is ever evolving (or is it devolving?) Oy.


Well, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the best common insult you can give someone now is inherently female.

The Heretik

It's very odd when she comes in the door and annnounces, "Hail (pause), bitches.


Oh man, I am readin Peter Singer's"The President Of Good And Evil" - this is a brilliant look at the "ethics" of bush. He dissects the "president's" speech's vs. his actions. Well worth the reading.


I am also drinking just a wee bit too much wine - it's my roomies birthday and I'm kind of depressed - seemed like a goood idea. . .

The Heretik

You will come around, Du.


Dick "Dick" Cheney has a no fly zone around his house. That's probably a smart move, since a rogue airplane flew right through Windsor Castle yesterday. I saw it with my own eyes.

The Heretik

Did it pick up that Camilla woman on the way out? What about Wills? Does anyone give a royal anymore? Pray tell, O Tart.


Oh, dear Tart, your quesadillas make my mouth water. . .though I must confess, I would use real cheese - I may have managed otherwise but I live within miles of the Tillamook Valley in Oregon - Oh, tillamook, I drown in your dairy. . .

Neil Shakespeare

The Pinter speech. Amazing. Links over at my place. An absolutel must read.

Screwy Hoolie

Hiya, Herry!

Here's some fungoodtime linkages:

ScruHoo: NC-11's Charles Taylor receives award at Russian embassy, no mention of the Russian bank he owns or the fraud charges at his Blue Ridge Savings and Loan.

Also at ScruHoo: Iran May Sell Oil in Euros, Greenspan's prostate argues against it.

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