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December 14, 2005



Is Tammy the definition of confusion and/or contradiction? Good stuff, 'tik!

The Heretik

Conflict is essence of story. Must be quite a story there, Catherine.


No comment. Did you see Pepper's post about the beer bonging Grandma, classic!


But if the movie of Tammy The Bruce got made,
How many of us would go see it?

Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker

Seen it. Bruce Almighty was classic.


Evening all. Talking of side-swapping weasels, who saw Biden on Charlie Rose last night? The transcript costs $10 I don't have (public braodcasting for the unpoor public) but what I recall is here. He says he likes Bush and would think Bush would be a Great President if he would only ditch his bad advisors. I bet Biden and Lieberman get along jest fine.

Regards, Cernig

comandante agi

I hope she's not related to Lenny Bruce. Because he was freakin awesome.

The Heretik

Update on the Patriot Act renewal. This will happen if the Senate votes as the House did today.

comandante agi

Police state here we come...

Night Bird

Police state here we come...

Banana Republic!


Russ Finegold has promised to lead a fillibuster to stop passage of this compromise version of the Patriot Act, and Harry Reid has also signed on. This Spector approved compromise doesn't fix what's wrong with the act, a succesful filibuster will demand that new negotiations be opened up.

Good idea to call Democrats to tell them to get on board; they count calls, honest they do.

Tammy Bruce is one of the only rightwingers who makes me want to slap her; not even Anne Coulter produces that sense of outrage and disgust. She is so patently dishonest; she doesn't even bother not to sound like a crude, unfunny parody of every rightwing cliche of the last two decades.

Read the comments, too; so sad; people who literally can't think straight.

I think I'll concentrate on my certain knowledge that Tammy will burn in hell for all eternity.

The Heretik

I was going to comment over there, Leah, but I figured up I would have gotten deleted. So I posted this over here. Oy.

And curious how the filibuster move might go. As Frist has indicated he would not allow it for the Alito nom. Up and down vote. Blah, blah, blah. Oy.


Just another case of "Lost the Plot After 9/11"

comandante agi

Night Bird, I don't shop at Banana Republic. Their lower-end affiliate Old Navy is closer to my price range.

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