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December 17, 2005


Neil Shakespeare

Hey, H., who is this Yoo dude? All of a sudden I'm hearing that he's the big architect who's nitpicked the law to justify all these presidential 'prerogatives'. Up till yesterday I'd never heard of him.


they make Dewey, Cheatam & Howe look positively saintly ...

Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker

When not teaching Constitutional Law at Berekely, John Woo dabbles in pimping for W.

All you need to know about him can probably be summed up with these 2 reviews of his latest masterpiece, "The Powers of War and Peace"...

“Mr. Yoo is playing an instrumental role in redefininig the murky area where law intersects with foreign policy.…His claim is that American law permits the president to go to almost any lengths in the name of fighting terrorism. The Yoo Doctrine, as it might be called, fits with the broader Bush-administration view that pursuing American interests is best for the country and the rest of the world.”—Paul M. Barrett, Wall Street Journal

“A brilliant and pathbreaking analysis of the constitutional roles of the president, Congress, and the courts in deciding to initiate and wage wars and in managing our foreign relations.…This is the most original and compelling work on this crucial topic that I know of.”—Judge Robert H. Bork

As I've always said, when the WSJ and Robert Bork are singing your praises, you're probably in line for a Medal of Freedom.

Jim Flannery

NS, there's a long review of Yoo's book, and a precis of his actions in the Administration, here.

Neil Shakespeare

Rex & Jim: Thanks. I see now. He's Bush's "Enabler"! Thanks again.

John Palcewski

For me, lies from Preznit and his cabal provoke memories of the traumas of an abusive childhood. My abuser did whatever he wanted to me, and afterward pretended nothing was amiss.

His ever-present smirk showed he knew he would get away with whatever he did, no matter how perverted or outrageous.

So whenever Bush smirks, it drives me up the friggin' wall!

When you're a child trapped in an abusive situation it doesn't take long to realize your tormentor can and likely will do anything--including wiping you out--if you don't watch what you say and do. That kind of threat isn't subtle. It never is.

Now, yes, there's neurosis in my reacting viscerally to Bush's glib mannerisms.

But then on a purely objective level Preznit and his corrupt gang are brazenly telling America that they are above the law. Or that as Prezident he may do as he pleases, because he has all the power and his only motive is to "protect" us from terrorists.

I visit progressive blogs to get reassurance that my outrage is not merely another neurotic flashback. There actually IS an abuser in control of this country, and we're heading for another constitutional crisis, or worse.

This has got to be set right. Now.

When I was 20 my abuser took a swing at me. Something snapped. I went after him, fists flying, bloodied his smirk, broke three of his ribs.

As he lay groaning on the floor I knelt down and said to him in a calm voice:

"If you ever raise your hand to me again, motherfucker, I'll kill you."

It took about three decades to recover from the trauma of this symbolic patricide. But I've never regretted breaking his ribs and putting an end to his abuse. If I hadn't, he surely would have continued.

I regard the solid 35-40 percent of the electorate who remain supportive of Bush as abused and cowering children who have not yet found the courage to say ENOUGH.

Well, it's time for them to stand up and break a few ribs. They'll hate themselves if they don't.

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