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December 06, 2005



And may I take this oppo to propose marriage to the insouciant Lefty Louise? Or, failing that, a jolly NSA rogering? Please? She can leave the gloves on...

Lefty Louise

Oh, Jingo Ned, I hope you left the chainsaw in the car. I fear The Heretik went back to Tool Town. Alas.


Oh, there's party going on. I'd like to commemorate this Lieberman moment with a Kamikaze and perhaps beg a hash brownie to help me forget I've lived long enough to see it come to this.

Oy. What's next?

comandante agi


He actually called you a "wingut". I'm not really sure what that it.

Craig McDonough

Well, 'Tik
(Can I call you "'Tik?" -- we wouldn't want to intrude...)
Well, now that you are now an Eviul Wingnut, have I got
a pair of slippersa sartorial accouterment for you...

Craig McDonough

Cthulhu! Plush! Slippers!

Craig McDonough

And, speaking of Tin-Foil Hat Tyme(sm), we have:

  • Take a pot full of purchased domestic commentary,

  • Stir in a heaving portion of "truth is not an absolute necessity" for Iraqi newspapers coverage

  • Add a dash of Revised Press Gaggle transcripts

  • and we Have, for your edification and enjoyment:
    How to Make Enemies and Embarrass Your Friends

    The Heretik

    Agi, I mentioned the F word. Just like they did when they said Samuel Alito “supports” spousal notification with regard to abortion, and that he “endorses” strip searching 10 year old girls, they are now saying Alito “endorses” shooting unarmed teenagers. Or he finds the practice “reasonable” in a personal sense. The winguts are already starting to call for a filibuster in the blogosphere.

    Slippers are cool. Or warm. Thanks


    I haven't left a link in a looooooooong time. We here at Casa Carla have been knee deep in work and mom/kid stuff.

    I'm a bit surprised about Hillary and the flag burning thing. I knew she was a pandering hack...but had no idea she'd go that far.

    In related news, this conservative had a heaping bowl of stupid for breakfast.

    And with the Dems trying to march to the right...maybe I'll have to give up on them after all. (sigh)


    >> The Heretik went back to Tool Town.

    Why yes he did, didn't he! And while waving that Husqvarna LI-294 self-starting 16-incher around, he masterfully employed the phrase "swing vote," which just makes me crazy... Love that pearl necklace, darlin', it's real fetchin'...

    The Heretik

    I indeed go back to Tool Town. The swing vote was very hard to remove from the Husqvarna, but it did finally come off. Oy. Jingo, Oy.

    comandante agi t. prop

    If you say the F word then they might hit you with the N word:

    Nuclear Option!


    I guess I take some things too seriously. Sometimes, is a book just a book?

    Peter Parker

    Listen, why would the guy run away if he wasn't guilty? He would have stayed put if he knew he was about to be shot in the head. Yet he still ran, proving he was willing to die for his cause. Not unlike a TERRORIST!

    You see, Samuel Alito reads between the lines. He saw through the legalese of unarmed, fleeing assailant suspected of theft for what he truly was: a theif stealing to fill the coffers of OSAMA BIN LADEN.

    9/11 changed everything. And in today's 9/11 changed world 9/11 we need a justic who isn't afraid 9/11 of investigating from the bench 9/11. We need Ali9/11to or the terrorists win. 9/11.

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