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December 06, 2005


Shakespeare's Sister

"Lieberman is a pain in my ass and a total douchebag," Shakespeare's Sister was quoted as saying.


"It's time for Democrats who distrust President Bush to acknowledge he'll be commander-in-chief for three more years."

It's time for Democrats who find Lieberman a fifth columnist to acknowledge he'll be an asshole for the rest of his days


I would just like to say FUCK YOU Lieberman!! (sorry, can I say that here? If not, bleep me...)

Yo Lieberman Douche Bag (to quote Shakes) regarding your quote:

"We undermine the president's credibility at our nation's peril."

Fuck you asshole! Bush undermines his own credibility every time he opens his mouth. Bush undermined his credibility the day he LIED to the American Public telling us Iraq had WMD, links to Al Qaeda, links to 9/11 etc etc.

YOU Lieberman undermine the American Public with your flippant elitist attitude. YOU are the one who wants to continue to put our troops in harms way. Not us. Not Democrats.

You Sir, are no Democrat. Kindly switch parties before we boot your sorry ass out.

Perhaps Lieberman should read


That should read

Perhaps Lieberman should read In The Bush Of Good And Evil


Now that I know what a "cobag" is, I feel safe in saying that Lieberman is a "cobag."

Night Bird

Ugh Lieberman, I did not like him then and I still do not like him.

Heretik, nice to see that Lefty's is open!


Time to break out the Darth Sidious Photos next to Lieberman...

An uncanny resemblence

Darth Sidious or Lieberman?

Perhaps Lieberman needs to look at a comparison of Bush vs. Saddam

Mannion's Mother

Cobag? Should I ask? And for the sake of my Lance's tender ears, let's try to keep it er, clean. Or e mail the mom. Thanks. Oy, that shifter. He's a pistol. I wonder if he likes brownies.


Read over at ShakesSis that Hillary is co-sponsoring an anti-flag-burning law w/ Bennett from UT. WHAT? I defended Clinton's intern fucking for this? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ...


I think Joe's been reading all those rumors about him getting Rummie's job now that Don is officially barking mad. Rummie's climbed on the freeper "Islamic Caliphate" bandwagon and was last seen making airplane and bombing noises and wearing a tinfoil hat.

Can I mention in passing that the latest third in command of al qaida seems to have been an eight year old kid?

Joe would say that proves we're winning.

Regards, Cernig @ Newshog


Lieberman? UGH. He is meshugna and they can have him. Where is our real President? Yes, that is Al Gore.

Mannion's Mother

That is very disappointing. I mean Hillary. The next thing you know, they will have a law where the FBI can come in your house and sneak and peak around without even telling you. Oh, they already do. That is very disappointing. Oh, and no brownies for Lieberman.


Oy. I need a vodka martini up, please.

The Heretik

I just made a shocking discovery. Unknown to me, I apparently am a one of these things called wingnut
Stop by over there and see how I was transformed.

Mannion's Mother

Here is your martini, Montana Girl who usually has Belfast Car Bombs. Would you like a brownie? I wouldn't give Lieberman a brownie, even if I liked him. His nose is brown enough as it is.


Dear Mannion's Mother

I appologize for my language and I do like brownies

A Pox on LIEberman.

Why, if I were a Republican I would call for his immediate extraordinary rendition to Abu Ghraib or some cold dank black site in Eastern Europe for being a traitor.


The Heretik is a wingnut? I'd better start knitting my tinfoil hat then ...


I'm Joe Lierberman ... I'm SO disappointed!



Thanks, I would love a browine, afterall served Jury
Duty today.

XOXOXO -- Salty aka Catherine


If you are Lieberman than you must have a nasal toned voice and are very boring. So, I doubt that is true. heretik, if you are a wignut then so am I.


Thanks, I would love a brownie, afterall served Jury
Duty today.

Better make it a hash brownie after jury duty.


Okay, sounds good to me, blogenfreude. MM: You know that I live SF? My Mommy was from Montana. Damn, I miss her.

Abu Manonu's  Mother

All the black site prisons have been moved out of Eastern Europe, to places like Morocco.


Ok, you have to see this, but cannot do the html thang.;_ylt=ApcFb0m72uOAEXsc5MWAj.wDW7oF;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl


Apparently you don't, in the modish phrase, "get it," 'Tik. His head he shakes, you see. Argument over. Bit of a tool, your chum Jay. And I mean that in a personal sense.

Make mine a stengah, Mahmoud -- dry, if you can wrap your indolent imagination around such a notion. Your prattling that a tiger is loose in the compound and is devouring the servants' children is small beer indeed after the sun's over the yardarm. I didn't spend thirty-two years in the Foreign Office for cocktail hour to be interrupted by your insolent chatter.

Have a care, you miserable drinks-walloper, or I'll put you where the sun shineth not.

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