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December 10, 2005


Pam's House Blend

I wrote my two cents here. In my post I noted how, back in the day, we eagerly waited for my older cousin to rush out and buy Pryor's latest concert LP -- that was the only way to enjoy the great stand-up comedians of the day.

Night Bird

I really liked Richard in "See No Evil, Hear No Evil"

Wally: These streets are bumpy.
Dave: You're driving on the sidewalk!


Again ... Pryor is dead, and George W. Bush walks the earth ... Why?

The Heretik

Stir Crazy: Pryor and Wilder. We bad, we bad


Pryor doing the skit about having a discussion with his freebasing pipe. Or, his wino act.

Mimus Pauly

Pryor was funnier than hell, no question. But the image that will always stick in my mind when he's mentioned is his bit part in the movie Lost Highway. That was a shock. I'll never get over how horrible he looked and sounded. Between his drug addiction and the MS, it really is amazing he lived to be 65. He will definitely be missed...


Several years ago, I worked for a P.R. firm that sometimes did P.A. tours for Warner Bros. At the time, the memorable Hannah Weinstein was handling Greased Lightning for Pryor, so he was down for the premiere. I was afraid to speak to him because he was giving off this really big "don't get near me" vibe. He sat in the audience a few seats from me when the film was shown. Not long after that, he set himself on fire.

At the time, I didn't realize how important he really was. Perhaps more significant, though--I didn't realize that Weinstein was a political hero--I just thought she was a producer and Paula's mother.

The Heretik

My daughter will not let me have the Concert DVD back. Ever. Some history of the man


The great thing about Richard Pryor is half his jokes are STILL too dirty to post here...

I love the way Pryor would make fun of himself. In one routine he told the audience "I know ya'll have heard some jokes lately"..Then he took out a match, lit it, and waved it across the audience. "What's that? Richard Pryor running down the street"...Or something like that. I don't remember exactly how it went.

I just remember watching Live on the Sunset Strip and LMAO.

Richard, thanks for the laughs and the memories. He broke new ground which to this day remains broken.


Richard Pryor, RIP - funniest man alive in his time - and could out-comedy anyone today, too, probably. Well, except for being dead and all. Maybe yesterday.

H - drinking Corbett Canyon Merlot in a box. It's a beautiful thing - spigot keeps it from oxygenating and the convenient economy size makes it cheaper than beer. Third night and still as tasty as the first. Thought I'd pass that along. Better than freebasing!! ;)


I would like to have my next peach martini in honor of Richard Pryor.

The Heretik

Peachy. And a glass for Gene McCarthy too

comandante agi

This evening I told my Mom that Richard Pryor had died.

Her response: "I thought he died a long time ago".

Thanks, Mom.

The Heretik

Agi, I see even at your new blog, you are up to your old tricks.


Here! Here! & Godspeed good Richard!

comandante agi

That's right Heretik, old habits die hard...


Wait ... Agi ... another site?? Why was I not informed of this?? (grumbles) Yes, I'm sure that requires me being around more often.

The Heretik

Good Stuff


Live in Concert is, I think, the funniest stand-up movie ever, and probably one of the best funniest movies ever made.

Sad day.

The Heretik

Is it possibly the return of the coat?

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