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December 03, 2005



"Of course, being on the bench changed me ... I don't really hate as many people as I used to! Pregnant, unmarried, and broke? I don't nearly hate you as much as ... oh wait, the pope is saying something ...."


Good one blogenfreude.

"only the guilty flee" is one of Scalia's favorite lines in his criminal case appeals. He makes me sick. Culture of life? Not so much.

I have to say, if the democrats let Alito through with his paper trail, then there is no excuse for their existence. What is the point for their being democrats? When not just be Republicans? A majority of Americans dont want Roe overruled and he wants it overruled. The fact that he wont admit it is beside the point. It makes the whole confirmation process of Advice and Consent a dog and pony show and legitimizes something that is totally illegitimate.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder how a group of people (the dems) who have been around washington playing the game for so long can be so politically stupid. They seem absolutely incapable of summing Alito up in a way mainstream America can understand. You have to make it simple and dems dont like to do that. The republithugs are good at that. How about I give it a go?

"Judge Alito is a conservative judicial activist who will legislate from the bench and undo all the hard-won progress that has been made over the last 60 years and which has made America great. His writings over the last two decades show that he is opposed to a woman's right to choose and he is hostile to civil rights and the most basic work place, environmental and civil rights protections- protections that Americans hold dear. And that he and the administration have not been forthright with the Senate about his views is even more troubling because it appears they are trying to hide something from the American people and the question is why?"

How'd I do?

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