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December 13, 2005



This will screw up the country in ways that Vietnam never could ...

Neil Shakespeare

Yeah, no shit! Where the hell is that 30,000 figure from? I've heard 100,000 and then I saw a figure a month or so ago by some independent group that said it was "conservatively" 70-75,000. And that wasn't counting the ones that were buried too fast to count because of burial traditions over there. What kind of numbers have you seen, H.?

Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker

Er, um, wait a sec...

"a country with influence like ours?"

Even in this Orwellian age, I've never heard "influence" used as a synonym for "the ability to wage perpetual, selective war" before.


As to our ability to wage "selective" war, I'd say that's been pretty much fucked by the way the Dear Leader deployed the military in Iraq. If we actually needed to DEFEND ourselves now? HA! We are totally fucked.

Trevor McCue

I have stumbled across another anti-bush site. Where do I begin, how about Iraqi civilian deaths. How ironic you seem to care so much now about the deaths in Iraq, yet throughout the Clinton terms we just let Saddam do whatever depiste guidelines set up at the end of the first gulf war. Here are some death numbers for you. So far we have obtained documentation in Iraq on over 600,000 executions. Saddam killed 100,000 Kurdish Iraqis. Another 500,000 are estimated to have died in Saddam's needless war with Iran. So for Saddam's 24 years in power that's 70-125 Hussein related civilian deaths a day. Not too mention the countless mass graves our US Troops find every day in Iraq. Or how about all the schools turned into prisons where most who entered never came out. You say 100,000 civilian deaths in Iraq like US Troops are running around shooting random people. First off, most of the civilian deaths are from the insurgents. Roadside bombs take many lives each day. This is why we are in Iraq. Just because your liberal media highlights the bad in Iraq and you run around saying death numbers like you actually give a shit doesn't mean the war is unjust. Yes, over 2000 US troops have served and lost their lives. I think the number is 2135 now. These men and women made the ultimate sacrifice and our country shows no respect. You use this number as an argument to again pretend you actually care. Where as if you truly cared you would be giving these troops the respect they deserve. So when our troops do come home, they will be proud of what they did. As they should be. This will be another "Vietnam" only because Liberals will make it that way. And don't give me any of this our troops aren't coming home crap. This has been the quickest and most succesful as far as casualities war ever. We took over Bagdhad in 21 days. And I won't deny our post war plan was not the best if it even existed at all, but no one thought the country would be taken over so fast. And with countries like Turkey not securing their borders and or allowing us to. The insurgents left the country, waited and now have come back and that is who we are fighting. The Revolutionary War was an 8 year war that took 25,000 American lives. The Civil War resulted in over 560,000 deaths not to mention another 400,000 injured. WWI, over 160,000 American deaths. Pearl Harbor alone was 2388 American deaths. Which thrusted us into WWII. A war we said we wanted nothing to do with and ignored. We worried about our "backyard", until the war was in our backyard. Much like what happened on 9/11 and what would have happened had we not gone into Iraq. WWII was a 4 year war for the US. Costing us over 408,000 American lives. The Korean War cost us another 54,000. The Vietnam war you so commonly compare Iraq to, over 58,000 American deaths. We lost more lives during some one week battles then we ever will in Iraq. Iwo Jima-18000, Okinawa-38000, D-Day-7900, and does anyone remember the Phillipines War? 4200 American deaths. The whole Iraq and 9/11 thing can stop. Other then being the home to terrorists Iraq did not directly have anything to do with 9/11. Yes, I am a Republican saying this. However, 9/11 happened because we ignored the threats in Afghanistan. We ignored the large terrorist organization and it's leader. Well, other then putting him on America's Most Wanted Top 10 List. He's on the Hannibal movie, watch it. But still, had George Bush stood up in July 2001 and said we are going to Afghanistan to fight the war against terrorists. They are a huge threat to this country. Every single democrat would oppose the war and react the same way they are now to the Iraq war. If we went to Afghanistan we would not have found any weapons of mass destruction. Since they used our own planes as a wmd. No we would have just found tons and tons of weapons, guns, greanades, and so on. Much like the 5000 tons we have found in Iraq to this point. You might remember in 2004 when 100 tons went missing John Kerry himself said this amount was of "mass destruciton" amount. Until it was proven the weapons weren't missing since they were already gone before troops arrived and instead this story was another stunt by the liberal CBS media. But anyway, different story. The fact is after 9/11 all liberals have said is "why didn't you do anything to prevent this?". And had we not gone into Iraq and we were attacked again, what would you be saying now? On Thursday it is expected 10 million Iraqi's will go to the polls and vote for a 4 year parliament. When just 4 years ago the only vote they were allowed to cast was for Hussein. Children are going back to school or going for the first time. Women are working and living free lives. This is the same in Afghanistan. These countries have become free and in turn made not only the US but the world a safer place. And no this War is not over yet, I am not saying that. But to say a President who liberated two countries from terrorist governments, created peace talks between Israel and Palestine, groups that have been fighting for ages, made many countries agree to no longer hold terrorists in their borders, and has taken this country though what could have been one of the worst economic times ever, is the worst president ever is idiotic. Bash the economy all you want, but Bush's unemployment average is still better then Clinton's was. Bill Clinton was a great president because he did nothing. A surplus is not a good thing, it means we are not spending money. Government money is your money. A surplus means we are overtaxing Americans. The largest downfall was not at any time during GW's time in office. It was in the last 2 years of Clinton's. Economy changes take time. Clinton rode through the great economy set up by Reagan and Bush, Sr. and Bush had to try to deal with the terrible one left by Clinton not to mention the effect of 9/11. Can you imagine if we had a Great Depression now a days? What you democrats don't realize is we control the economy. You all go to Wal-Mart to "save a little money" when all you are doing is supporting a company that buys all of its products from out of country from a company that outsources, pays its employees poorly, and literally builds stores next to small businesses just to eliminate the competition. Oh the economy is bad I better pull out all my stocks! No you idiots buy low, sell high. If you don't invest your money and put back into the economy guess what? The economy will suffer. So say what you want about Bush, the Iraqi war, the economy and Republican's in general. The true facts are the lives that have been saved in Iraq and possibly at home in the US, are no comparison to lives lost in the war and especially in any War we have previously fought in to defend ourselves, democracy, or overall humanity. The economy is doing great. I know people are losing jobs due to large corporations and outsourcing but guess what? You can fight back. Buy Made In USA products, American cars, and start spending a little more on a better quality and support this country. Save a dime for yourself cost the country a dollar. And to finish this idea that we can't defend ourselves at home cause "all of our troops" are in Iraq. There are currently around 150,000 troops in Iraq. That is out of the 8,231,465 total enlisted men and women in the US Military. I think we will be ok here at home. So stop bashing Bush, support the country and the troops, and prepare for the election in '08. Democrats have a good shot this time around. Just stop saying why the other guys are so bad and what you might actually do differently. Don't just say what the people want to hear but what you actually believe.

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