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December 07, 2005



My entire life I have looked forward to the day when I might vote for a woman for president. I am willing to overlook some flaws in order to vote for a woman; I'm even willing to vote for a Democrat. She may run or not, she may be nominated or not, but Hillary Clinton--despite her otherwise excellent record on many issues (and we tend to forget our good her record is on some big issues)--has put herself out of the running, as far as my vote is concerned.

What interests me, though is how the same people who worship her husband are angry with her; she is doing exactly what he did, only she cannot commit the sin of founding the DLC because he already did that.


Oy, my Hillary flag burner, is here. She won't get a dime from me...

Gary Boatwright

The wife must pay the price for the sins of the husband. How about those of us who think the entire composite political machine known as BillandHillary sucks? BillandHillary are both blood thirsty beast warmongers and Republican Suck Ups. Besides, BillandHillary have already been President once and are therefore Constitutionally barred from being President again.

Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker

Glad to see Hillary's finally taking such a controversial stand on something. I was beginning to think she was really Joe Biden with a better comb-over.

Oh, wait a second...flag burning is the issue? This is her biggest concern these days? Wow.

The Heretik

A new panda is cute, an old pander is not.

Beatrice von Blogowitz

Hello, girls and oys. So nice to see you all again.


Auntie Mame
Has gone
She lives in
The doorway of an old hotel
And the
Radio's playing opera and
All she ever says
Is go to Hell.

Rain Dogs. Better'n Blonde on Blonde, bet your ass.

Hilly is a Silly Billy. Obstreperouser than Auntie Mame. And I heard she has a wooden leg.

Now go read this.

Beatrice von Blogowitz

Jingo, Kunstler is my favorite bald headed, bowtied good old boy.


My sweet sister Bonnie's birthday is also today ... she's doing the Mom thing, as usual. I urged a spa, she's at her son's drum concert. Oy.


and let me leave you with this ... it's 2008. The Dear Leader clings to life despite multiple stab wounds. It's McCain v. Hillary. Would she get your vote then? I'd hold my nose ...


Why, oh why cant hillary just stand on principle? Why doesnt she realize that she doesnt always have to pander and flip flop and take the path of least resistance but that many moderates might actually respect her more if she would stand on principle rather than pick the issue of the moment and stick her finger in the wind to see which way its blowing.

And flag burning- gee, what a critical issue- I am trying to remember if I have seen a rash of flag burning lately that requires immediate congressional intervention, not to mention some gratuitious bullshit PR? Nope, dont remember any burning flags this week, or last, or last month, or the month before that, or the one before that, etc. etc. etc.

Blogenfreude- you have just perfectly illustrated the problem with our current system- the lesser of two evils. Or as Michael Moore once put it, a choice between cottage cheese and bread sticks and most people want neither (which is why they dont vote). I dont want EITHER McCain or Hillary and what annoys me about the dems is that what is the point of being the democratic party if your goal is apparently to sound republican-lite and if all you do is sometimes complain about bush but then when it starts getting heated, retreat and find a stupid issue like flag burning to rally behind? How about some solutions? We need more Jack Murthas- some americans may disagree with him but they RESPECT him for taking a principled stand that is based on something other than political grandstanding and partisanship.


What's this shit about typos?!? ;) Hey, Joe! So glad you dropped a line. I was putting the finishing touches on some stuff for work and needed an excuse to quit for the night. How are ya?


I have a link to share. It's very Christmasy, but, don't tell O'Reilly. I wouldn't want to spoil my bad reputation. ;)


*knock*knock* . . . hello? Anyone home?


"Why, oh why cant hillary just stand on principle?"

Ooooh, I'm going to have to sit on my fingers! Must . . . not . . . start . . . on Hillary!

Beatrice von Blogowitz

Oy, I am here, Des.


Um, Oy vey back atcha, Beatrice.

The Heretik

Imagine. A little early. But it is never too early and it's never too late.


There you are, Joe. So how's things?

The Heretik

Pretty busy. I think I may have burned down the Photoshop. Seeing a lot of talent out there. Trying to develop a strategery for keeping up.


Well, you don't have to worry 'bout me. I don't know nuttin' 'bout no photo shopping. :) I'm doing well just to hang on to my day job. That, and to keep porno spammers from overthrowing my new site. So far, so good. It's been a helluva year.

The Heretik

Fallujah shouldn't exist. So says the Lord of the Loofah.


Ugh, I don't even need to click on the link. It's either O'Reilly, or his long-haired brother Ann.


Joe, I'm going to call it a night. work in the am and all. Please do drop a line and remind me to stop by when you think of it again, 'k? Good night.


Oh my gods. . .If hillary runs. . .gods why can't the democrats run a reasonable candidate? I just will not vote for a president I don't believe in - I just can't. I feel dirty for having voted Kerry. . .I will not go through that again.

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