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December 12, 2005



Wouldn't that be nice ... subtract the votes of the extra districts from vote totals and, if it changes the outcome, goodbye tax cut for the wealthy, or goodbye law slamming the poor.


Maybe they'll reinstate the congressmen whose districts disappeared, rebalance the whole equation.

Wait, wait. I forgot that this is the same Supreme Court that gave a buy to G.W. Bush. They didn't out and find another one, right?

Craig R.

Remember, the GOP is likely very unhappy about this -- for this is the "second bite of the apple" for those opposing the redistricting plan.

And what may have presented the second side of the fruit for eating is the newly-published memo from the Section 5 staff lawyers recommending *against* the redistricting plan.

It is likely that the Justices don't like being lied tio, either directly or by omission.

And it is *real* doubtful that DOJ would have admitted that their own Section 5 staff recommended *against* the decision to preclear the Texas plan.

And it certainly wasn't in open court, if they did, else it would have been all over the media.

ANd *I* certainly don't recall that tidbit from the prior coverage.

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