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What I Read in the Waiting Room of Hell


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December 17, 2005


Neil Shakespeare

Jesus, H., that is one frightening graphic! Looks like Voldemort from those Hairy Peter movies.


Ghouliani ... sucks more blood of the living than Novakula.

Kate S.

Very good, Joe. Well stated. I rely on you and your writing talents, often, to speak for me. I'm still finding my voice.

And hearty congratulations on your nominations! You deserve an award for all the hard work you have put in. America is better for your conscientious spirit.

Night Bird

The terrorists seek to destroy our civil liberties??
Huh? I don't get that.


When Giuliani was mayor, there were 26 or 27 civil liberties cases filed against him. He lost all of them.

The Heretik

Rudy has a dark side that will come out. His dreams of a presidential nomination could turn into a nightmare if his civil rights record gets a good look. Also the Kerik connection is just begging for further investigation. How could Giuliani not have known what was going on there?


Giuliani lost ALL credibility as far as I am concerned when he was took on Merrill Lynch as a client to defend them against the Spitzer attacks, to prove they were good corporate citizens !! Ha !!


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