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December 05, 2005



There is rendition and then there is extraordinary rendition. The first is legal and used all the time, but the 2nd is just another term for torture by proxy. The term rendition does not fit in this instance as there is NO judicial act. Connie was just trying to downplay the whole ugly mess and hoping no one would notice she left out one big word - extarordinary. See
Wikipedia -

The Heretik

The rendition of this same old song and dance renders me near overblogged and waterlogged from the seas of deceit we find ourselves swimming in. Words have no meaning, laws mean nothing. Bush the stand up guy and his cohort stand language on its head. Then they spin it around. Oy,


I am getting sick and tired of the Bush Administrations hypocrisy.

First Cheney says Bush will veto any anti-torture provision. Now Bush is trying to comprimise with McCain. Bush says we do not torture. Then we hear about black sites in eastern Europe. Just when it seems the Administration MIGHT be coming around they send out ol' Condi Rice to muddle the debate.

Last month all those wanting to bring troops home were traitors and cowards.

Bush says "stay the course" while Rumsfeld and Condi say we are going to bring some troops home next year.

Are they not then by Bush's logic traitors and cowards for saying they are going to bring some troops home?

Why all the contradictions and hypocrisy?

media girl

You sound like one of those accountability liberals. Why can't you be a patriot and hold the rest of the world in contempt like a good Bushie?

Neil Shakespeare

What a speech, huh? Had to post on these 'rehabilitation camps' myself.

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