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December 03, 2005


Neil Shakespeare

You know I hate to say it, H., but the picture you've used of Coulter in the last couple of graphics with her is a tad too flattering, even for the Antichrist. She looks too much like Fabio. That said, I'm happy she and O'Reilly are hangin' around with each other. Of course as much as they're hated I suppose they have a hard time these days finding anyone else to hang out with them.

"Those hateful people really hate us, Bill!
"Yes, I just can't understand it. That's the thanks you get for saving the world! Say, do you wrap barbed wire around your baseball bat?
"No, I prefer razor wire. It's lighter, less unwieldy, and it leaves deep slash cuts instead of mere punctures.
"Ah, good point!
"That liberal flesh is so soft and flabby it cuts like a hot knife through butter!


I wish people could see Ann Coulter for circus sideshow that she is ... It's all an act --- an evil act perpetrated by an evil woman to be sure --- but it's all an act. The woman has no "core" ... as she would like you to believe. I wouldn't be surprised if she isn't a registered democrat (well yea that's going a bit far ...).

Or am I stating the obvious?

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