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November 23, 2005


Shakespeare's Sister

"Is it possible one is just a dork?" - Is it possible they both are...? ;-)

The Green Knight

I've always wondered about the loose way in which the right defines "comfort" in the phrase "giving comfort to an enemy." It's my understanding that "comfort" meant actually assisting an enemy in war by providing supplies and material assistance, not merely saying something that might make some random on the other side say "good point."

The Heretik

Good point, GK. It seems "comfort" is anything that doesn't follow the party line.

Neil Shakespeare

Gosh, H., I forgot to tell you. I turned you in last night!

comandante agi t. prop

Comforting the enemy? Is Kos pouring tea and cookies for Al Qaeda? How shocking!

Lance Mannion

Oh good, our friend the Confederate Yankee hard at work. A man who cheerfully, proudly, and apparently entirely unironically incorporates actual treason into his nom de blog is telling us who is a traitor and who isn't. I'll sleep so much better.


What's unAmerican? To blindly send kids off to war for profit, or to question and debate? I am not American but I know which I would say.

Anyway, speaking of traitors, you don't get much better than Karl ROve:

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