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November 10, 2005



Damn it!

Torture? You really want to know about torture? You can't handle the torture!

We just endured a GOP election campaign that was Rovian from the first day to the last in New Jersey. You think you know torture? He was even here himself. Yes, he was here. The Rove was here last spring, hooded and caped and wearing his leather. Oh yes, we know torture here in New Jersey, just as they learned it in Virginia, but we may have stopped it. We hope so anyway, for the good of us all.


Scotty must never be done ... as I have repeatedly said, it's the best cringe TV anywhere. Think Progress would go virtually dark if Scotty goes. He must be preserved ... for later.


Watching Scotty makes me cringe as much as Ricky Gervais did in "The Office." And he gets testier by the day. Must be hot up there under those klieg lights.

speaking of cringing....


We don't need no stinking fork....doesn't he come prepared with a little plastic thing that pops out when throroughly done?

Thought I heard a poppin' sound up at the podium the other day.


Name, rank, and serial killer...

Night Bird

I just don't know what I would do if Rove came anywhere near me.


I just don't know what I would do if Rove came anywhere near me.

One word: Mace.
You know, one of those big medieval thingys ...

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