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November 12, 2005



TIGERHAWK AND HIS ILK who see only ill in dissent should well consider the essence of fallacy found in logic lost. We’re not going to take it. No, we’re not going to take it. Not anymore.

Did you read the post, or misrepresent it on purpose?

The Heretik

Tigerhawk, I would go through your whole post and point out a number of um problems, but I think the idea that you deem some dissent "legitimate" says it all. Obviously, therefore some dissent or freedom of speech is "illegitimate." How nice of you to allow some free speech for some and how interesting that you impugn the motives of the dissenters who um impugn the motives of their leaders.

The leaders in this war got considerable free rein to run this war and quell dissent by impugning the motives of dissenters.

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