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November 18, 2005



Why does Murtha hate America? (served in Korea, VietNam)


His name is Dick for a reason!

Lab Kat

The Big Dick is here!


NICE! You know I like it Joe!


Let the Swiftboating of Murtha begin!

Missouri Mule

I love it when you get all worked up like this. :)

The Heretik

Mule, is that you? Where you been? Was that you over at TBogg? And worked up? Um, this is worked up


It's just so sweet to see it in print. Thanks for saying what I've been thinking all damn day...

comandante agi t. prop

Nice. Give 'em hell Joe!

Missouri Mule

Yep, it me. I like the way you wife gets worked up too.

The Heretik

Many people mistake the farmer in New American Gothic for me and his wife is often thought of as mine as well. Oh, I should be so lucky, Mule, but as you know I am at this time of the unmarried sort. The three cats, two dogs and two kids are on the attack all the time, though.

Missouri Mule

Yes I remember those loud dogs and the garden. Oh, the garden, that must be why you are so often mistaken for the farmer.

Neil Shakespeare

Think 'murthafucked' will join 'swiftboated' in our national lexicon?

Neil Shakespeare

Think 'murthafucked' will join 'swiftboated' in our national lexicon?

The Heretik

Murthafuckers TM.

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