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October 15, 2005



I stole this from yesterday - The Perfect Bush Light Bulb Joke.


Oh dear. Oh, dearie dear. Matt over't the Tattered Coat left me the keys, and I'm afraid I may have dinged up the old family bus a bit. If you speak fluent French and have a nearly autistic knowledge of psychedelic-period Bob Dylan lyrics, you'll roll in the aisles. The rest of you: J m'en fiche de votre ignorance!

The Heretik

Down on the Bayou

Beatrice Von Blogowitz

Taught at School


Ah, Beatrice cara mia, the yoke I carry on my back! I teach the Young what it means to Blog, when I know nothing! Nothing! And when I turn to the blank page before me, I fall silent and weep great salt tears, for only I know the depths of the Nothing that I know!

Night Bird

If I may, I would like to raise a glass to Jesse Taylor and wish a good luck.


Ned, I warned Matt not to let you have the run of the place. I told him about the fires. I said you'd been through all the court-ordered couseling, but you still had issues. Matt said he was more worried you'd go nuts with the chain saw.

The Heretik

A good thought, Bird. An wel sed, manyun.

Neil Shakespeare

I have revealed the hidden contents of The Intrepid Reporter's 'Little Lost Notebook' over at my place. Be forewarmed: Some of the entrees are shucking.

CE Petro

I made it time for the morning hang-over, definately time for a bloody-Mary, or perhpas a Bloddy-Fristy.

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