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October 09, 2005


Beatrice Von Blogowitz

Heretik, you didn't send out any invite tonight, did you?


I noticed that myself.


I don't believe that he did.

The Heretik

Everyone um is invited. The check is . . . ooops


Shit, I forgot to check my e-mail - does this mean I'm not supposed to be here?

It's funny, I have been celibate for nearly three months. . .I realize that may not seem like a long time. . .but I tested out at 18% pure - totaly depraved. I am not now nor realy have I ever been totaly depraved. A healthy belief in expirience is what I call it. I believe in, don't knock it until you try it. As a result I don't knock a large body of sexual expierience. There are many things I have chosen not to try (urine comes to mind) but I realize that while I may not be hip to something doesn't mean it doesn't have a legitamite place in human expierience - as long as someone is , in fact, "hip to it." I have in fact been turned on by what, when I was twelve, I would have denounced as demoninc in nature and been seeking refuge with the youth leaders of my mis-begotten church at the time. It is all relative and while I may churn my head in dismay at rubber-suited midgets playing with fecal matter or adults wearing diapers and vomiting on their partner - to each their own - it's not depraved - its just someone marching to their own drum.

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