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October 09, 2005


Neil Shakespeare

Unseasonably warm and sunny.


Pardons all 'round. This is all politically motivated anyway, right? Nothing to see here!


Tom Delay contracts Swine Flu.

Night Bird

Rendered speechless after watching THIS PRESENTATION

pissed off patricia

I predict this week will be just as maddening and frustrating as they all are. If we go one step forward we'll be slapped ten steps back. Since congress is on their happy holiday for a lot if not all of the week, at least they can't do us any harm for a bit.
If I hear another word about Condi running for pres. in 08, my head may explode from self inflicted anger.


Predictions for the week of 10/10:

-- 500 Iraqis will die in violence in Iraq.
-- Twelve US soldiers will die in Iraq.
-- Tom DeLay will insist that his fifteen year string of ethics violations proves his innocence.
-- Karl Rove will keep a low profile.
-- Russ Feingold will continue making sense in public.
-- Conservatives will continue to dislike Miers.
-- Bush will continue to defend her.
-- I will work too much and sleep not enough.
-- No Plame indictments this week (but I hope I'm wrong).


I predict Bush will make yet another inane, insipid speech while visiting the Gulf Coast; Laura will smoke another carton of Newport Lites and refill her Xanax prescription, and Karen "Sasquatch" Huge will STILL not understand why her trip to the Middle East was a complete and utter failure.


I'll go out on a limb - Meiers out in ten days.

Faithful Progressive

Monday: George Tenet will challenge Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei to a medal-winners "smackdown" and will boast that he'll win in a "slam-dunk."

Tuesday: James Dobson will come clean about what Karl Rove told him about Harriet Miers--that she has the disturbing proof Dr. Dobson has long sought about Sponge Bob.

Wed: My day off

Thursday: Karl Rove and Judy Miller will remember and find more e-mails and notes and leak them to the New York Times... but the Times will refuse to print them until it gets a written waiver from the Bush Adminsitration.

Friday: Iran President will declare victory in Friday's Iraq Constitution vote.



Cheney will resign.


Nothing will change dramatically. Shrub will be stupid, rove will duck and cover and DeLay will spend more time telling us that he is not a crook. Read his lips.

God, I need a drink already.


More of this.

Shakespeare's Sister

I predict, if nothing else in politics, The Colbert Report will make me very happy.


ditto Jen.


the neocons will finally realize Miers is their "right hand" woman; the Democrats will stop defending her and start attacking her, and will be deemed partisan for it; Fitzgerald will stall on the indictments; another hurricane will form in the Atlantic and scare the crap out of us; Bush will try to use the flood in Central America and earthquake in Pakistan to try to make himself look good; Scott McClellan will continue to not answer any questions during press briefings while at the same time mentioning 9/11 at least once; we will come very close to 2000 "official" dead soldiers in Iraq; my daughter will have a wonderful birthday and thoroughly enjoy the rabbit we got her up to the moment it scratches her and then want a different one.


Nothing will really happen. The Bush cabal will continue on their merry, destructive ways, ignoring everything and everyone else, damn the consequences. It's worked so far, so why should they do anything different?

Michael Hawkins

All traffic in Washington, D.C. will be shut down due to Marching Frogs... to be followed by a Code Red "terrorism" alert, the suspension of Posse Comitatus and a rash of missing white girls in Third World tourist destinations.

CE Petro

I predict more of the same, I just wish I could find those rose-colored glassed this administration wears to avoid the frustration levels I've been experiencing.


Something ridiculous and inane will be on the forefront of the news while the real news goes un- or under-reported.

A new vein will most likey pop in my head.

So, yeah, more of the same.

Richard DiMatteo

A recall petition for Ahnold will begin its straight road to the ballot, with an endorsement from the Sec. of State. George Bush will say he pays no attention to polls. The Colts will remain undefeated. Koreans will kidnap Grommet.

Richard DiMatteo

I almost forgot. Harriet Miers will make a special appearance on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

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