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October 01, 2005



I wish I could draw fast enough to keep up with it all!

Mustang Bobby

Great minds think alike.

Kate S.

I am .............. speechless, without utterance, exclamation, or ... oh dear, what have I done with my mind? I know it's around here somewhere. I know it must be, because I used it yesterday. But this newest statement issued to shock and awe and rally "those people" makes me think I must have the wrong brain because the words do not compute, the words people are using to express their deepest opinions on the colors of the world and how if they were God they would have a different pallette with which to paint the world ... just do not compute.

Is Bennet perhaps innocently channeling Jim Crow? Does he have a closet hidden with klan artifacts?
Is the world collectively losing its fucking mind?

I hope the world has a long memory, so it will remember these people ... and their words. We should keep them segregated from society till they learn how to play nice with others.

Ron Brynaert

We could probably reduce teenage alcoholism if we aborted all Bush babies....ooooh that shit is cold..

Neil Shakespeare

How about aborting all white girl babies? Then, 20 years from now, we wouldn't have all those missing white women that plague our TV reporters so, and the crime rate in Aruba would drop to zero.

Elayne Riggs

Oh good, I'm not the only one who immediately thought of A Modest Proposal when hearing Bennett's words. Too bad the current administration doesn't get stuff like satire...

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