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October 05, 2005


Neil Shakespeare

HOLY HARRIET! Damn your hide, Heretik! Why didn't I think of that?!! Hey, i finally got a link for you. You probably already know about this blog, but it's...POSTMAN PATEL, a UK blog apparently named after a cartoon character who delivers the mail to "LARDVILLE". Link is: This guy has a knack of laying things out clearly (especially for a dunce like me who has a hard time following). He's got a great post which clearly sets out the links on the George, Harriet, Barnes (that guy who got George his Guard post) and Gtech (the company who runs the Texas lottery) SCANDALE! Another one on George's private army, DynTech. HOLY HARRIET INDEED! GREAT IMAGE!


I was watching "Whose Line Is It Anyway" the other night, and the cast began playing the euphemism game. Ryan Stiles said, "I gotta go choke the nun...if you know what I mean."

I now understand the context of his remark.

That -- and John Lennon's "Mother Superior jump the gun..."

Thanks for sharing another great image.

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