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October 07, 2005



Oooh! I'm first!

Just posted this link over on my blog:
CNNN's 'man on the street' coverage of who should be invaded next by the US.

Don't watch the video if you have sharp objects nearby or without putting a pillow on your desk to protect your head when you want to beat it against a hard, flat surface.

Ron Brynaert

Ha. Miers is a plagiarist.

Jeff Gannon Nominated for SCOTUS.

The Heretik

Did somebody say PORN?

Beatrice Von Blogowitz

Why does he treat heads like THIS?


Today, I learned there are some things I just can't do.

Shakespeare's Sister

That's the best picture of Bush I've seen in a long time.

A bloody mary, please.


And, just so I'm not only flogging my blog, here's something I hope never to do.

Make mine a "Mudslide."

Shakespeare's Sister

Oh, I forgot a link. I'm a dirty girl.


Sorry, I'm new here.... Ann Coulter is dishonest and likes to score cheap points off her opponents? Is that how you play?

Lefty Louise

Well played, Jingo.

Shakespeare's Sister

Whatcha drinking, Jingo?


Well, first off, COFFEE!!!!!!

Ok, now, I've found a long lost relative of Lab Kat.

And then, because I am such an egotistical liberal I have a second link, which I think deserves a nomination to the Kofax awards, or whatever they are called, because this is just so damn funny.

Beatrice Von Blogowitz

Um I feel Lost


OH. MY. GOD! You have to see this short animated film called Roof Sex. It is incredibly funny! When you get to this page click on Roof Sex. It requires Quicktime, but it is worth it!


I believe the beers are on me, Shakes...? Got your pleated cheerleader skirt on?

Shakespeare's Sister

Of course. I never wear anything else to Lefty's Lounge.

Beatrice Von Blogowitz Biggest Fan

I prefer a different look at the beav

Mannion's Mother

Jingo, you sound just like my Lance.

Shakespeare's Sister

Mrs. Mannion - don't you think Mannion and Jingo should do a group blog called Manjingo? I think it would be a hit! Kos would be out of business in no time.


We've already formed a band, a High Life outfit called the Manjingo Warriors. Don't expect to go far in the Clear Channel universe, but man alive, we are *cleaning up* at Deke parties on the East Coast college circuit. All those twink frat boys, gazing up at our fierce, tattooed Mau-Mau visages...

I play bass, of course.


Bass and Chainsaw.

Shakespeare's Sister

I didn't realize that was you! You guys are my favorite music to get rufied to!


Ah! I remember you! September 12, Bowdoin Beta Theta Pi, over by the keg!

I'm pretty sure you don't remember me.

Shakespeare's Sister

No. Just a big...

Shakespeare's Sister


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