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October 26, 2005



It will be interesting to see how soon the White House cuts Scooter and Rove loose when (not if) the indictments issue. Bush is just stubborn enough to change his position once again, and refuse to accept their resignations saying the charges are not true. I think that would be political suicide and it would severly hamper both men's ability to fight any charges.

I also wonder if this is going to cause a rift between the offices of the President and the VP? By all accounts, Bush is outraged at the thought of having to loose his "brain", Karl Rove. He may want to scapegoat Scooter, agnering Slick Dick.

I just hope that the hopelessly deluded mainstream media starts to focus on the real issues including the fact that apparently both Bush and Cheney lied about what they knew about Scooter and Rove's role in all of this. Cheney also claimed he didn't know who Joe Wilson was, which is now known to be false (check out Ariana's latest blog post over at the Huffington Post).


"That's strategic innovation. Everyone in Washington has just been assuming that attacking your enemies—Karl Rove's specialty since he ran around the country teaching Republicans 'dirty tricks'—was fair play."

I want that! That's what I want! I don't even need it gift-wrapped! God! It's about time!


Damn right it's about me! When do I pop the cork?


No more 'dirty tricks' in DC?? Man, now we really are dreaming. What kind of a world would that be? A just one? Come on!

Prediction: Fitz announcement tomorrow. Indictments for Rove, Libby, BOLTON and maybe Fleischer. And as R.Sale hears, an extension of the probe to investigate Cheney's role in a much wider White House conspiracy.

Happy Fitzukkah everyone!

The Heretik

Fitzukkah. I love it. What about the feast of Fitztavus?

Ender's Blame

You mentioned Enders Game. Before the last election, Orson Scott Card said although he was not conservative regarding social issues, he would support Bush "because honesty still means something to me." (Quote from memory. And, if memory serves, the source was Slate.) Ever since then it's been hard for me to even think of reading one of his books, although of course his extremely bad, blind, confoundingly dim, el opposito, and strange political judgement is irrelevent to the merit of his fictional works.

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