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October 17, 2005



Merry Christmas everyone. Raw Story is currently running a headline that the NY Daily News is going to report in tomorrow's edition that someone in the White House has flipped. We're taking bets and conjectures here:


Roxanne, you have made my day! Thanks!

And {{{Joe}}}, you sweet thing you. Thank you for the kindness over at Lizzy's boost-Jen's-self-esteem-athon. It worked. I feel more like a goddess. Off to find out which one.

media girl

Progressive schmogressive! I'm voting for Jimmy Smits.

Michael Hussey

I read the same Raw Story piece as Roxanne. Tom Delay will probably be booked and fingerprinted Friday.


Would anyone be surprised by the news that BushCo's newsest franchise may have been stacking the constitutional vote? I wasn't. Such avid students.

Gods, I need a scotch.

Amanda Marcotte

I'm Isis. Shame, I was hoping for Diana.


Oy, I'm Maeve. Have to go tell Husb. May be back.

Night Bird

I am Isis
66% erudite, 70% sensual, 41% martial, and 16% saturnine.

The Heretik

Indeed, you are 95% erudite, 100% sensual, 54% martial, and 62% saturnine.
Amun was a mysterious God indeed. His very name basically means "what is hidden", "what is not seen", "what cannot be seen", and though even his form was said to be �unknown�, he was depicted as a man with the head of a uraeus (cobra), or a man seated on a throne and holding in one hand the sceptre, and in the other the ankh.

upholder of justice.

Michael Hussey

I'm Lug.

Michael Hussey

Sorry. Wrong link.


Hey Heretik,

I got Amun too.

"Hail to the Sun God, He's a real fun God. Ra, Ra, Ra!"
(Chant actually heard at a pagan gathering after too much mead :-)

Regards, Cernig

media girl

Question 27: Do you often prefer to wear a lot of black?

Do they track IP addresses to discount this question if the person is in New York?


Another Isis reporting in - 83% erudite, 70% sensual, 33% martial, and 37% saturnine. Plus scoring higher than 99% in all categories (I knew I shouldn't have entered my correct age). Anyway, if the drinks are on the house, I'll have a merlot and in return I offer a link to some interesting questions for Rummy.



well..they say Minerva, but I prefer the Greek...

Indeed, you are 87% erudite, 58% sensual, 50% martial, and 58% saturnine.

Another virgin Goddess (Diana or Artemis being the other), Minerva was, just like her Greek counterpart Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and Freedom as well as an all powerful Goddess of War, which made her a most formidable opponent indeed.

Among the many disciplines that fell under her control were: writing, the sciences, architecture, embroidery, and just about anything else dealing with artistic skills, wise counsel, and of course battle and warfare.

Like Athena, owls were considered sacred to Minerva, representing wisdom. She was a very wise warrior, respected by the Roman legions.

She was also, no kidding, the Goddess of Women's Rights and patroness of career women.


Sekhmet. The goddess of war and the lady of slaughter?? Hmmm. Me thinks the test needs some tweeking.

Jim Pivonka

AMUN - 87% erudite, 91% sensual, 62% martial, and 41% saturnine.

And a link: The Despoiling Of America:


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