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October 17, 2005


Paul Hooson

Just like the Halliburton scandals, FEMA has been paying excessive amounts to contracted businesses for tree removal from home rooftops. While some charity organizations such as Operation Blessing have been in involved in free tree removal from rooftops and place a blue tarp on damahed roofs, FEMA has been $18,000 a day to businesses doing the same thing. Some homeowners have been paying $7,000 for the same service, or 10 times the normal rate for this service.

And EBAY has encouraged sellers to sell items to donate for Katrina relief, but charges fees on most of this and skims these Katrina profits for itself. One Website that brought in $30,000 in a few hours for the Red Cross earned EBAY's PAYPAL division nearly $1,800 in fees skimmed from this Katrina relief effort, before PAYPAL decided to freeze the account and seize the entire $30,000. It is not known whether these funds have been allowed to flow to the Red Cross yet or not. But PAYPAL certainly skimmed these Red Cross funds for a hefty sum that is almost equal to organized crime rates.

There have been many attempts by many to profit from from the Katrina disaster, and some contractors and EBAY have been some of the worst offenders.

If you like other controversial items, check out with "Run An Antiwar Website, Go To Jail" for an outrageous case of freedom of speech abuse against someone would challenged the Bush Administration's war policy.

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