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September 23, 2005


ol cranky

al-Faisal's right, nailing a constitution will not necessarily stabilize the country. In fact, it may destabilize the whole region as Iran supports the Iraqi Shiite majority, the Turks intercede on behalf of the Kurds in the North and other Arab nations would start to interfere to support the Sunni minority.

It's amazing that the shrub attacked previous administrations (except his daddy's) for being pussies, claiming it lead to attacks on our soil & necessitated him going on the offensive against Iraq. He claims he's done so much to help the Iraqi people but fails to acknowledge that Papa Bush created the Hussein War machine while serving as VP and continuing for the first 2 years of his presidency (and as we all know, this is probably the reason Robert's documents from the time he was serving in the first Bush administration will not be released).


Cranky, you may be right in part, but ain't no way the Turks intercede on behalf of the Kurds. Rather, they'd intercede to destroy any Kurdish state, for fear of the infection of Kurdish nationalism spreading further into its own Kurdish population.

Neil Shakespeare

Nice picture dude. Looks like my Uncle Axel on his deathbed.

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