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September 27, 2005


ol cranky

OMG how desperate do they have to be for this? It makes me wonder if we'll be seeing Jenna & not Jenna on Fear Factor: Washington Insider next.


Why is it that when Hillary had a different hair color everyone went ballistic and when Laura all of a sudden goes "blonde" no one says a peep.


This is inexcusable, largely because if the Bushies get their paws on anything that actually helps people, which 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' appears to on occasion, it falls apart.

Whatever home they have built for a family will surely crumble!

I add a "Vey" to your "Oy," Heretik!

Steve Bates

By all means, let them build Laura and her family a new home, and move them into it. Soon would be good. If we started impeachment proceedings right now, they could move in by... oh, never mind.

(FTR, the YDD does not favor impeachment... don't hand the expletive-deleted any free undeserved sympathy. Instead, turn Congress in 2006; that will render the expletive-deleted powerless just as surely.)


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