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September 06, 2005



Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.


Most outstanding! Bravo! Bravo!

As an aside, have you noticed his hair has turned blond? I think he knows his political beheading is coming.


Ok. Now I hope not to spoil your fun, because myth is not always the truth. And so too is the sad tale of Marie Antoinette:

Marie Antoinette was born November 2, 1755 in Vienna, Austria. She was the youngest and most beautiful daughter of Francis I and Maria Theresa, Emperor and Empress of the Holy Roman Empire. Marie Antoinette was brought up believing her destiny was to become queen of France. She married the crown prince of France in 1770. Four years later she became queen when her husband was crowned King Louis XVI (House of Bourbon).

The stories of Antoinette's excesses are vastly overstated. In fact, rather than ignoring France's growing financial crisis, she reduced the royal household staff, eliminating many unnecessary positions that were based solely on privilege. In the process she offended the nobles, adding their condemnation to the scandalous stories spread by royal hopefuls. It was the nobility that balked at the financial reforms the government ministers tried to make, not the King and Queen, who were in favor of change. In truth, Antoinette and Louis were placed in harms' way not only by elements of their personalities, but by the changing face of political and social ideology in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In 1789 a mob descended on the palace at Versailles and demanded the royal family move to the Tuilerie palace inside Paris. From that point on the King and Queen were virtual prisoners. Antoinette sought aid from other European rulers including her brother, the Austrian Emperor, and her sister, Queen of Naples. After a failed attempt to flee Paris in 1791 Antoinette continued to seek aid from abroad. When Austria and Prussia declared war on France, she was accused of passing military secrets to the enemy. On August 10, 1792 the royal family was arrested on suspicion of treason and imprisoned. On January 21, 1793 King Louis XVI was convicted and executed on the guillotine.

Antoinette was cruely treated during her final days of captivity. Her children were taken from her, and her best friend, the Princess de Lambelle, was killed and her severed head was put on a pole and paraded in front of the Queen. Antoinette followed her husband to the guillotine on October 16, 1793. She was executed without proof of the crimes for which she was accused.

That being said, let us hope that we can get to the truth about Acme, Inc.'s push for war and the blatant robbery of the companies treasury.

And sometimes, though not steeped in fact, myth makes for a better vehicle of describing today's truth.

Mimus Pauly

[K]ing without care... or is it queen?

More like one of the Jokers, if you ask me...


I think, in New Orleans, the proper toss-off would be "Let them eat king cake."

I'd like to say this is one of your best, but I think that about all of them.

Neil Shakespeare

Boy, H., that is UGLY! Frightening! You've given me daymares!

Oh, and I have a link for you. Kirill Nils Senior in Kiev, Ukraine explains what 'Chertoff' means in Russian at:

Agi T. Prop

Let them eat yellowcake?


Agi, that was scathingly brilliant!

Heretik, I got a peppery link for you: George's Mommy and Daddy to the Rescue!


I have always been of the strong opinion that Gore would have been a great president. Too bad it didn't happen...


Rook's "correction" is even more disturbing-- so even Marie was more in touch with her people, trying to get by on less, and trying to make a difference, when those-with-money smeared her good name and eventually got her killed?

So what Bush is doing is WORSE? Ooooooooh good.



You aren't alone!


Let me (and McCain) eat cake...

Now hear this chord...

Morgaine Swann

Brilliant post, Cher Amie, but please don't call Babs a "witch" - not even with a small "w". We get enough bad publicity - Goddess help us if we become associated with the Katrina Conservatives.


His Highness has visited my humble blog a time or two...

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