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September 24, 2005



I am waging peace by starting a new Political Party.

I say we merge the Democrats and Republicans into one party and we will be the other party...

The Peoples' Party

Care to join Heretik? Membership is free and no donations are required.

But I still need help developing a core platform that will appeal to The People...The People who feel abandoned by both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

Lets face it, bot the DNC and RNC are Corporatists. They serve the interest of the Coporation, not the People.

Therefore I say we merge the DNC and RNC together. We will call them The Corporatists' Party (TCP) and we will be The Peoples' Party (TPP).

Then we can duke it out...The People vs. The Corporations. They have more money but we have more people.

We just have to get The People to agree on a set of core principles on how we will govern and how we want our government to work. I think we can do it.

What say you?


Here in Israel, after giving back the Palestinian their Gaza strip back
the children and habitant of Shederot -which is not far from Gaza - but inside Israel territory -well the kids of shderot -didn't sleep for two night now
because the Palestinians and all the Islamic terrorist in Gaza didn't stop bombarding the Israeli territories
when will the west realize, terrorism and menacing people freedom is Islamic terrorist flag and they will not stop !
no matter what
they don't believe in any kind of peace and freedom and love
they are hate and blood!

what a shame


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