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September 29, 2005



Sounds like you need a joke...

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing. He concludes by saying: "Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed in an accident"

"OH DEAR GOD NO!!!" George W. Bush exclaims. "That's terrible!!"

His staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the president sits, head in hands. Finally, the President, devastated, looks up and asks..........

"How many is a Brazillion??!"

Darryl Pearce

The internet (and the sites I troll across) are a bitter mix of outrage, sarcasm and cynicism. I force myself to drink the heady brew because they've been drinking the same recipe from the Limbaugh's, Coulter's, and O'Reilly's (and so many more)...

Humor helps. For myself, I planted an "optimism tree" in my garden last year. And... I set aside time to enjoy it and other quiet places.

ol cranky

The completely asinine republican response to Earle's investigations of Democrats: it means nothing, Democrats had most of the power when Earl investigated them. No joke, how weak can you get? DeLay was smart enough to partner with John "since when is it illegal to launder money from a check?" Colyandro, which means he let everyone else do his dirty work for him to keep himslef all clean. It's going to be hard to prove the conspiracy charge against DeLay in a court of law without a smoking gun. That's the problem with the really dirty guys, they know how to play the lack of ethics game too well.


When you watch the news, pretend that Tom Servo, Crow and Joel are down there in the bottom right corner, describing it the way it really is...

Missouri Mule

What wears me flat out is the fact that Martha Stewart has to wear a electronic ankle bracelet. That's bullshit! There's a carvan of news vans on her driveway, choppers overhead, and paparazzi with telephoto lenses in every gawd damn tree. Where the hell is she gonna go? And really, what sense doese it make to remand a home diva to her home? Give me a break! That's like sentencing Kirstie Alley to check in nightly at IHOP.
How do I get past it? I pretend that Lynndie England and Charles Graqner are photographed performing sex acts, stacked in a pile of naked neocons and stripped of their dignity.

The Fat Lady Sings

Loved the joke, by the way - been a disheartening day, so any kind of smile helps. Fatigue? Every damn day, lately. Sometimes I fear those of us who shudder in outrage at each Bushco debacle will simply remain impotent. Shunted off to the side, along with other Cassandra’s. What has all this strum und drang really accomplished? So many Dems voted for Roberts today. Frankly – I don’t know if he will make a good Justice, because he ducked every question posited him. And that doesn’t bode well ---. Anyway – the fatigue passes. It has to. There is obviously more work to be done.

The Heretik

Surely this is an (un)worthy cause of OUTRAGE FATIGUE Hat tip to Avedon



Very difficult topic, H. I think we have to fight for what we believe in. I'm not worried whether or not everyone is on the same page with me in regard to the issues I find most important. I don't require ideological agreement first -- or even seek it.

So I've worked with a variety of people on a variety of issues. When we agree there's a problem and a possible solution, that's good enough for me. So I'm not really a party-builder or movement person.

I sometimes think the DLC suffers from zombie envy / ditto-head envy. Most of us in the Leftist blogosphere won't just repeat talking points or rant upon command. By their standards, we're not really a "base" -- by our standards, they're not showing much in the way of leadership. Not on the core issues that matter to us: ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, maintaining and securing economic opportunity for all Americans, healthcare, and civil liberties. Add your own.

So when people focus on particular issues, we get the "let's first all hold hands and follow the great leader" nonsense -- less vulgar but no different than how the wingnuts circle jerk each other.

What I'm looking for are real changes in policy and practice -- not just getting Democrats elected. We're told get the Dems back in office and everything will be alright.

Well, many of us want something more concrete than that. We don't make good sheeples. But I'm not somebody's enemy, just because I won't blindly follow him or her on a particular issue or candidate -- that's Bush "logic", not that of the reality-base community.


I consider giving up news and blogging every single day. EVERY SINGLE DAY! I want to disappear behind the pages of 100 good novels, but then I start to feel guilty – like I'm not doing my part to spread the word (lowercase word). I believe progressive thinking bloggers are all that is keeping the world from imploding.

Morgaine Swann

Ah, outrage fatigue. It's becoming my constant companion. There are so many atrocities and so little time that I'm usually overwhelmed. Not even the DeLay indictment can give me hope. Not with 21 Democrats voting for a guy with 2 years experience, slippery answers and hidden documents to be the highest jurist in the land. America is quickly sliding into a cesspool of fascism, and I see no way to stop it. If Karl Rove is indicted, that will make me smile, but I'm not holding my breath. He's too valuable to them. Shrub will just do like Ernie Fletcher did in KY and pardon him immediately. If they kept Michael Brown on the payroll, they sure as hell aren't going to lose the puppet master. If you come up with an antidote, be sure to let me know.


Some of us let our alter egos take over when we experience outrage fatigue.

Mad Cow

Foreign Tart, just go ahead and say it. You know you're dying to. I just checked out your blog. No wonder no one is reading it.

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