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September 26, 2005


Kate S.

That's some of the best news I've heard in months, Heretik. It seems the winds are shifting ... I heard one columnist for the NYT say last night that there was a techtonic plate shift to the Left going on, all over the country, in the aftermath of Katrina, and Rita, and the quagmire that is Iraq and Afghanistan -- that America is slowly waking up to the fact that we have an incredibly inept administration [at the helm and the country is crashing into the rocks. (me)]

More good news: our grubby govnah, has come in second as most unpopular governor (first is Taft, of Ohio,) and will not be providing belabored and brow-beaten Alaskan residents with a repeat performance.

Yay to the Peace Keepers! Hooray for the subsiding effects of Lethe and the drowsy fields of flowers outside the Emerald City! Here's to more Cowardly Lions finding their hidden bravery and voices, broadcasting their angry roars!

Agi T. Prop


Lab Kat

I would ask Shrub this: which is more dangerous - a group of peaceful people protesting a war or the person who is capable of starting said war?


Sheehan has been arrested and Musharraf of Pakistan has said he isn't interested in catching Osama.

Priorities, Georgie?

Regards, C


I would ask Shrub this: which is more dangerous - a group of peaceful people protesting a war or the person who is capable of starting said war?

Well, that depends - dangerous to who?

Fred Dawes

When you don't have rules only the poor are guilty and go to prison innocent or not. Is normal in a third world system.

Night Bird

And some say Give Peace a Chance.


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