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September 27, 2005



Sadly, not many women in politics at the moment move me.




Certainly not The Joker 2005.

Kate S.

Jody Foster, maybe. Except she has no interest in politics, just acting. Glenn Close? Wait, she played the Vice Prez, so she's out.

Oh, were you talking real female politicians? Isn't that a little hard to chew on right now, considering they've all been sterilized by the Republican party?

I'll have a Frozen Nipple, please. I don't know if there is such a drink, but I just saw my first s***flake fly by my face standing out on the porch, so make something up.

The Heretik

The Joker 2005 in action earlier in the week

Agi T. Prop

Wha? Thelma as president?

My pick for 2008 is Ferragamoleezza because for a professor, she knows her history so so well.

Me have secret crush on Barbara Boxer ;)


I know a lot of people are pushing for Hillary Clinton, but I'm not that jazzed about her. I do love the fact that neo-cons aspirate on their own spittle at the very mention of her name, however.


What the hell: Jackie Speier, state senator from CA. I never heard of her until three minutes ago but Jane likes her and she votes right so that's good enough for me.

Michael Hussey

Kathy Caster. See here and here. She's the daughter of Betty Castor. Kathy is running for Congress. If Kos tells if clowns not to vote for her I will really be pissed.

Michael Huseey

Please donate to this worthy cause. I found about this from an L.A. blogger.


Hi all. State Senator jackie Speier? Whoever wrote about her never worked for her. LOL. Can we dust off Kay Bailey Hutchinson? How about Congresswoman Barbara Lee?


Jodie Foster? I thought that was just me.

I agree with Roxanne. There are no women in politics right now that move me, either.

At least not right now.

media girl

I have a link to the post of the week, but as far as I know Lane is a guy.

This reveals the fuzzy logic behind "any Dem will do."


For no apparent reason, I decided to bring a link to a post about mammograms that features a picture of a woman with eyes instead of nipples. Ehh. I'm one of those flighty, unpredictable females, who knows why I do stuff? And it IS ladies' night after all.

A Cuba Libre if you please. And I propose a toast to the first female president of the United States:

Sigourney "Ripley" Weaver -- Alien Ass-kickingest President Ever!


Okay, take 2: Umm, "I decided to bring a link to a post about mammograms that features a picture of a woman with eyes instead of nipples."

The Heretik

Roxanne may not be moved by any current candidates but *hush* in the library now. Roxanne reads BANNED BOOKS


I'm here! Peach martini please! But I have no link. Am busy surfing and wondering why I'm lagging tonight. (kicks computer)

Agi T. Prop

If the bar is still open, I'd love a mojito please.

Ford Prefect

It was a good show, but not as good as early West Wing. I'll give it another couple weeks.

The Heretik

Martin Sheen was a most righteous president. That Josh kid was a pain in the ass.

Agi T. Prop

I saw President Bartlett speak on Saturday.


Wow -- very late to the party. But I wanted to note that one of our own is under attack: the new issue of Philadelphia magazine contains a viscious attack on Richard Cranium.

Richard's defense of himself is here.

My defense of him is here.

Will Bunch's is here.

Atrios' is here.

Others are at the bottom of my post.

If you read this guy's piece, you'll see that he's not just attacking Richrad -- he's got it out for the entire blogosphere, which he labels a "circle jerk."

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