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September 20, 2005



Great Article by Vietnam Vet Who Knows better today:

John Kerry: Probably the Biggest Traitor since Benedict Arnold

"Where are the women bloggers?"

they seem like they are everywhere to me

Where's GreenLantern though? Gonna miss her.

Pissed Off Patricia of Blondesense

"What woman of the past would have been a killer blogger in her day?"

Joan Of Arc

"Plus: What would she say about today?"

I don't know what she would say but I am quite sure she would raise an army and inspire us all to lay seige to the White House and Depose King George Bush of BunkPort.


My fave lady blogger is shamanic at simianbrain. Every time I read her work I am envious of her talent.

Best lady blogger of the past? Mary Shelley. She would probably write sad blogposts to old-style conservatives who created a monster to get elected and the monster took over.

Regards, C

PS Heretik, when does Newshog make it to your blogroll?


My female blogger selection for today is Sour Duck. There are always so many good ones to choose from!

My hypothetical historical blogger for today is Elizabeth I. She knew a lot about catastophes and she didn't suffer fools gladly.

I made white peach margaritas tonight and am slightly woozy. I decided that if I have to evacuate again on Thursday, I should take my blender; it seems to work better than my computer these days and it weighs less. I have tendonitis in my right arm (from using a touchpad nonstop) and have to be careful.

Michael Hussey

A really great female blogger who is not well-known is Tiny Dupuy. I need to remember to blogroll her.

Agi T. Prop


I'd like to offer my take on Blender Magazine's The Top 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born. Feel free to add your suggestions to the list, which is highly flawed in my opinion.


I've been doing a lot of thinking about the consequences of fear mongering..especially in light of what's gone down in post-Katrina NOLA: The Only Thing We Have To Fear is Fear Itself.

I'm also concerned about the compartmentalization of the anemic response by the government to racism. I think that's too simplistic an answer..and quite possibly incorrect.


Thanks for the link, my friend! I would love a mojito. Agi, agree on that list.


I'm also going to give a hat-tip to the excellent Alicia at Last Left B4 Hooterville...she of the most funny photoshopping.

Regards, C


Catherine the Great. She might havesomekick ass entries about her adventures.


I think Queen Desideria of Sweden and Norway would have been a kickass blogger.


Here's the thing about these hypothetical which celebrity-of-the-past-would-be-a-great-blogger questions--celebrities don't make good bloggers; they're too busy being celebrities.

Great bloggers are anonymous people who have lots of time on their hands. People bored with their jobs, housespouses, students, professors, etc.

So I would chose some nobleman's bored wife, or sixth son, or the chambermaid or footman. Someone who maybe read about Joan of Arc in the paper and decided to start a blog right then and there.

Echidne  of the snakes

Ooooh! Happy! I am mentioned and all. That is so nice, as I have had one of the shittiest days for a long time fighting the good fight. Like trying to get access to the mainstream media. My toes are bleeding from all the doorkicking and my voice is but a whimper from all the begging and threatening.

Today I have enjoyed posts by Shakespeare's Sister, Pam and Amanda. And probably many others earlier in the day. I like bloggers who sound like they might sound if I knew them. I would like to know them. And Heretik, too, though it could be dangerous to have anything to do with heretics these faith-based days.

Echidne  of the snakes

Great bloggers are anonymous people who have lots of time on their hands. People bored with their jobs, housespouses, students, professors, etc.

True. A certain amount of time to ponder and muse is necessary. And a muse is also a necessary. Mine is a tattooed guy called Erato. Not to be confused with the other Erato.


I'm flattered to have been specifically invited to Ladies Night at Lefty's but upon noticing that all the other invitees seem to be women and I am basically physically male, I couldn't help wonder if you made a mistake? No matter how campy I sound, I am an incredibly buff, macho man. Don't let the fact that I'm considering changing my blog name to "Flaming Bundle of Sticks" fool you. I'm very secure in my manhood.

That out of the way, anyone who visits my blog knows that I've been avidly pushing I Blame the Patriarchy as my current favorite. Twisty is a woman after my own heart. And I must acknowledge Echidne and Prof. B. of Bitch, Ph.D. as two I read regularly as well.

Missouri Mule

Shakes Sistah is, and will forever be my fave.

maggie may

I love the Bitch at Bitch Ph.D. I want to be her when I grow up.

I think that either Collette or Anais Nin would've had killer blogs.


Ms. Julien, and Shakes Sis, for sure!

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