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September 21, 2005



This administration is so stuck in stupid!

I kinda like this guy.

Rexroths Daughter

Too bad stupid will be in the White House for three more years. I'd rather not be stuck on stupid, but seeing how it's running the country, it's hard not to be.

media girl

Stupid is as stupid does with props to The Heretik.

Michael Hussey

Yes, Glenn Reynolds has never been stuck on stupid. The man who declared the Valerie Plame investigation "bogus" and that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction could never be accused of making mental errors in his blog posts.

Instapundit - March 1, 2004

SUSPECTED AL QAEDA LEADER Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was arrested in Pakistan.

That's excellent news, and another nail in the coffin of the "Iraq is distracting from the war on Al Qaeda" theory.


Im trying to cover as much of the Rita landfall in Texas as I can from my viewpoint here in San Antonio. I'm hoping the authorities are remembering Txas' history of flash flooding inland after heavy rain otherwise they are going to be flatfooted again.

Regards, C


This is General Honore. OVER.


Too bad for you, cernig, they were more than prepared.

And I suspected you people couldn't let a black gentleman get away with talking down to your darling media. Too bad. He did, I'm more than pleased with him and I hope he continues to leave the lot of you confused and perplexed.


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