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September 09, 2005


Agi T. Prop

On September the 11th I will salute our dear leader with a Nazi salute while shouting "Libruls Hate Murka!"

Night Bird

"Our dear leader"?? He is not a leader he is a disaster. But I know what you mean.

The CultureGhost

I'm flying our flag upside down.

Mimus Pauly

I don't plan on enjoying that day at all...

The Heretik

Ah, Mimus, I knew someone like you would pick up on that word "enjoy." The whole rah, rah righteous freedom walk suggests a more festive phony air than I would like to breathe.

Steve Bates

On September 11, I may write a post about how everything changed on August 29 of this year. Or maybe on December 12, 2000, the day the Supremes appointed the Shrub. America has suffered many disasters in the past five years. I do not diminish my outrage at the disaster of 9/11 when I point out the tragedies preceding and following it.


TODAY, I address the LIE of 9/11/01 - my tribute to the murdered.

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