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September 28, 2005


blondesense Liz

Now that is too depressing. The whole damn concept of war and fucking up our young to fight for politics is more than I can take lately. I feel like suing the whole government for ruining so many lives. Bastards.


I sense an encroaching outbreak of outrage fatigue myself.

DuWayne Brayton

All these are are American dreams
useless petty stupid little things
running round in circles like as not to drive you mad
can't quite tell the difference between the good and bad
wanted everywhere everybody get a piece
the fuck you lookin at aint no heart upon my sleeve
harder faster tighter than the rest
I'm just a fuckin killer learnded and passed that test
heart side long gone don't know you any more
what the fuck I 'sposed to do when I walk out of that door

DuWayne Brayton

How do they re-humanize?

DuWayne Brayton

Or do they?

were they ever?

or were they dreaming?

are we?


Mimus Pauly

Let me get this straight...

Old, distrustful, cynical people take young, trusting, impressionable people, put them in uniform, break down their individuality, cobble them together as parts of a collective whole, sell them a line of doctrinaire bull about honor, duty, God, and country, teach them how to use firearms and other weapons, inure them from the troubled pangs of their consciences resulting from the consequences of their actions by convincing them that the "enemy" is sub-human, turn them loose in a hostile environment, and, when they predictably go all S&M on a bunch of prisoners... the old, distrustful, cynical ones who laid the groundwork for these abuses disown the monsters they created just to save their own yellow hides?

If I missed something in there, someone let me know...

The Heretik

Mimus, I think you covered most of it. If you missed anything, perhaps it is some outrage that we expect others to abide by the rules of humanity, but hold ourselves above those same rules because of these "exceptional" circumsstances. Plus: 9/11 changed everything! God bless America.

Lance Mannion

Three cheers for Capt. Fishback and may his name be remembered far longer than Lyndie England's!

You know whose name I can never remember and yet it's a name that should be celebrated: the helicopter pilot who put his chopper in between the surviving villagers and Calley's man at My Lai. It's right that we always remember who Calley was so we never forget that Americans can do evil. But it's not right that that pilot's name isn't remembered right beside it so that we also have the example of how it's possible to stand up to evil too.

Lance Mannion

Three cheers for Google.

The helicopter pilot's name is Hugh Thompson. Here's the story.



You say here Claus was sentenced to five years. The Guardian article says he was sentenced to five months. Which is it?

The Heretik

Five months, Kathy. Five months. Thanks for pointing that out. I think when editing I went back to working copy of post without a proofread. I am human (and thankfully so). Five years would be bad enough, but the outrage really is minor misdemeanor offenders get more punishment than Claus did. Damn.


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