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September 26, 2005



That Chronicle story is really disturbing.

Shakespeare's Sister

Patrick at Yelladog's got a great post on this - and check out norbizness' comment there, too.

Kate S.

I agree, the article is very disturbing on so many levels. It really shows how unaccountable and willing the military is to protect their own from scrutiny, all the way up to the top brass in the Pentagon. They will go to any length to maintain their shiny image, including perjury, changing testimony, out and out lying to everyone. It's disgusting. That's not what I thought our military was about -- it belies their committment to -- committment; bravery, courage, honesty, group cohesiveness, to defend. Instead we have a new generation that likes to torture, is more than willing to be led as if blind, checking character at the door.

About halfway through the article, when it mentions how outspoken Tillman was in his beliefs with his platoon -- and that he kept a journal -- that mysteriously "disappeared" after his death, it kind of all made sense how he could die in friendly fire, it wouldn't be the first time; but this just sounds like incredible incompetence, undertrained troops, officers deviating from procedure, everybody nervous, trigger fingers, in a bad place, in broad daylight ... I dunno...

What a surprise ending, though; a beautiful young man, sensitive, brilliant, an individual, creative, compassionate, creating a library of classics and producing gourmet coffee to share, encouraging the poet in the troop ... now dead...

What a fucking waste.

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