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August 21, 2005



Genius. Excellent. Thank you!


Brilliant; simply brilliant

Ol Cranky

I just shot tea out of my nose! Dead brilliant :)


So crudely awful love your work.

Back in the 'day' trips to see these guys were called "emergency appondectomys" ..........does no one recall that near the end of the first campaign one of the "Bush twin daughters" had an "emergency appondectomy" and W couldn't pry himself away to visit ..........di'ja ever wonder why.
feel free to correct my spelling .........JAB




Well, my coworker had an emergency appendectomy ... and I don't think he was pregnant. (I couldn't resist - but I totally forgot that was a code term for an abortion!)

"Very White Pages" - O Heretik, that was smooth.

Here's what I would like to know about Roberts ... how has he lived for 50 years and left no trace of his existence?


Back when Nixon was in the White House, Tricia went into Walter Reed Hospital (or Bethesda) for a day or so. CBS news said the had an operation for an abdominal condition that was not appendicitis (or the operation was not an appendectomy). They never said what it was. I've always wondered why anyone bothered to say one thing it wasn't. Maybe some spokesman was about to lie, and thought better of it in mid-sentence.


Hell 'Tik, I think Roberts is dangerous even to the rich white men out there.

After all, they have a vested interest in keeping contraception and abortion legal. Otherwise they'll end up paying for their mistress's procedures at high priced overseas clinics. Bad return on shareholder money, don't you know.

Sorry to be so crude, but sometimes showing the potential money downside is the only way to reach the bastards.


cruely funny.

Ol Cranky

Is anyone else bothered by the fact the Roberts' went to Latin America to adopt their two (very white) children instead of adopting one of those made in the USA babies they insist on being conceived (via action against contraception) and born (via action to criminalize abortion) here?


No wire hangers! No wire hangers!


Memo to President Reagan

From: John Roberts, White House Counsel

Subject: Cabaret Show "Beach Blanket Babylon"

I have recently been made aware that a Kennedy Center performance of the controversial cabaret show "Beach Blanket Babylon" has been planned in honor of the President and Mrs. Reagan.

Obviously, the title of this show wasn't scandalous enough to prompt the concern of the White House. My research on this outrageous musical indicates that it has origins in San Francisco's homosexual and transvestite fringe groups. Apparently, men dress up as women in extravagant headdresses and prance around on stage.

I have already made my position quite clear on inappropriate pandering to celebrities such as Beverly Sills, Gene Kelly, the Statler Brothers, Itzhak Perlman, the Boys Choir of Harlem, Leontyne Price, Mary Martin, John Raitt, Julio Iglesias, Isaac Stern, Bob Newhart, James Bond, Charlie Daniels, Yakov Smirnoff, Vladimir Horowitz, Ward Cleaver, Marvin Hamlisch, Liza Minnelli, and Dionne Warwick.

In order to maintain the dignity of the White House, this unacceptable practice of appearing in public with immoral Hollywood actors and actress, musicians, dancers, and comedians must stop.

Those who have their roots in the performing arts are not to be trusted. They have personal agendas and are nothing more than self-promoting schemers.


John Roberts, Esq.

The Heretik

This post has clearly offended at least one righteous American over at PAM'S HOUSE BLEND

MICHAEL (who hates capitalization as much as I love it writes what a bunch of fools.this after naral pulled there disgusting ads .
All Things Considered, August 12, 2005 · NARAL Pro-Choice America is withdrawing its TV ad that harshly criticized Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. Even fellow abortion-rights allies complained the ad was unfair.
and that was from npr

this guy cant catch a break. you have right wingers like ann coulter
sayin hes not conservative enough and on the other side you have the left wing nutt cases with this crap. that tells me this guy is probably perfect for the job

The Heretik responded over there:
Words, however disguised and kept away from the public, do come out. Opinions matter, certainly when they come from the mouth and pen of a man two years on the Federal bench and who could be on the Supreme Court bench for life. Pity analyis which points out the right's misgivings for Roberts that offer a moral equivalence for arguments against a man who argues against the rights of women and for the unlimited power of government are down the middle of the road um crazy.

We should feel sorry for Roberts, the white rich man who cannot catch a break, the same Roberts who offers few breaks to those who support the environment, who takes a nineteenth century approach to interpreting the Commerce Clause, the base for all of the New Deal legislation that protects hard working American families.

How foolish to put in a single image an argument that is practically a slam dunk. If we could see more of Roberts' actual records which the White House still refuses to release, we might indeed find some a smoking gun which we hope would not come in the form of a nuclear cloud.

An ironic individual might think apologists for Bush and his misadministration so easily dish images out, but can't take the tiny pricks that salvo back. O, alas, did I say little prick in the same paragraph as when I mentioned Bush?

So sorry. My bad.


This is the best I've seen so far:


Thanks, Heretik...

I got so inspired by your artwork that I made a bumpersticker using the coat hanger motif.

Although, yours is funnier than mine. I tried more for the shivering-in-the-drivers-seat approach.

It can be seen at:

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